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Ha ha....

Henry Rollins was such a cute little boy :). Anyhoo....It's Saturday and I'm sitting at Daniel's house on the puter.....checking all my E-mails..and posting..right now. We went out this afternoon to buy me new shoes and go eat at this mexican resteraunt called La Hacienda's. It was ok, the food was good but the atmosphere was terrible, when you walked in, it looked just like a cafeteria or something. It was all open and there were no walls seperating the large floor, they just kind of had tables in rows. And they were ghetto tables too, some were sinking in the middle I noticed. Oh well, good food anyhow.

We are going to a really nice resteraunt called Biagie's tomarrow at 5:30 at night, I was happy to hear that because I have been wanting to see this place for a long time. I also really like his parents too :). One thing that I was surprised to hear is that Daniel's dad is going to be in a parade tomarrow, since he's the mayor of Oregon. Ha ha! I was like "No way!".

I love my new shoes, they are sexxxayyy
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