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Balls TA that!

Balls to my night last night dude....I was sitting on the bus stop at the corner of Keefe and Holton and got mugged by two punk kids who were not more than 17 years old. They only got 15 bucks though, so they suck ass! Kyle lost more though, he had $50 bucks on him. Damn, we should have taken the car huh? yup. I don't care how bad the brakes are, I would rather ride on the crappy roters than get mugged. That is the reason I got to club Anything so late, by that time everyone was already gone, we got there after talking to the cops for like 2 hours and the detective dude and shit, filing a report and what not. I got drunk anyway. I deserved it too....MAN! what the hell. It was even worse for poor Kyle, it was his birthday yesterday! some least we are alive though. I will most definatly be at the club on Wednesday and Friday because I want to go for the techno thing. Other than that, Friday was fun, went to the art museum with Brittany, Matt and Kyle we saw the Davinci, it rocked the cock :). Ye-uh. I have fall break this week which is cool, monday and tuesday off :), I gotta do an assn. though, so now I am going to find a stupid article for the paper :(. Pooooooop!
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