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Grumpy, bumpy toad...

Imma bit grumpy lately...Friday I was pissy and yesterday I was a little. Don't know what has gotten into me.

Something wired happened on Friday on the way to Daniel's house...I forgot to post it yesterday. It was storming like a bitch in Madison and we were in Woodman's grocery store when all of a sudden the every light goes out - a black nothing in a grocery store. That was really unexpected, it turned on in about 10 seconds, but it was scary. Then as we resumed shopping, it happened again and this time, the lights did NOT come back on, instead, I stood there looking around to find some sort of light, anything and there was nothing. And this feeling of walls closing in on me made me feel as if I could not breathe, I panicked and searched for something to hold onto, I grabbed the wire racks that were next to me and would not let go. Daniel was behind me trying to tell me it was ok, I said "I have to get out of here" "I can't breathe". I was so shocked that I was that scared, I have been thinking about the reason and all I can come up with is the fear I have of being locked in a small space with no way out, that makes me panic. It was also the feeling of complete darkness, there was NO light, no windows and no little red emergency lights, only a black nothing. I can't handle that I guess. I thought there was going to be a tornado, I could hear the sirens. Later I joked that we should've walked out with our intended purchases, ya know - just for a little compensation for my "pain and suffering" LOL.

Well, today we got up and had breakfast and went to see Daniels dad in the parade, it was hot and sunny and the parade was very short and there was not really much to it. The Milwaukee parades last for like two hours and there is alot more to see I guess, I'm not used to the small town thing really. It was cute to see his parents riding in the red mustang though, I got pictures :).

Tonight we are going to Biagie's. Tomarrow I work, but it's a summerfest day and I don't know what is going on yet, I have to get a hold of Jeffy and find out the details. I do want to go tomarrow for the swing dancing thing, or is that another day??...hmmmm I wonder if there is a way to get in free Monday....
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