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Yup, I was at Summerfest all day yesterday after work. Carrie and Mark came and picked me up and we drove down the street to the parking lot and parked for 10 bucks. Mark has a really nice car, and it was nice and air conditioned too :).

I had a blast...we walked around mostly and looked at all the shops, I bought yet another skirt, but it's awesome (I'll show you today Sara) it's like grey and black with embroidered designs on it. And it's made of a heavy material, I really like it and it only costed $20. Later on I found Liz and we talked for a while, actually we hung out almost the whole rests of the day in to the night, Liz is a really cool girl and I'm glad I got to know her better. We all went on that giant Ferris Wheel and it was so cute, Carrie and I were all freaked out, we thought that the thing would drop!!! hee hee.

I saw Angela, Carrie S. Nate and Tyler and Kayliegh, and almost all of them asked where Jeffy was, but even I did'nt know, he WAS supposed to be there I think.

Today Sara picks me up and were gonna play store :). I'm the customer!! lol
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