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I want to be at home, finishing my laundry, I have LOADS to do.......

I had a blast last night with Sara, we went to club after Landmark (I really liked that bar) and I danced a bit too and talked to Carrie and Nicky and Katie. I liked that pear beer Sara and I had, it rocked my socks 'yo.

So I think someone is mad me or something....ehhh...I don't believe that I should be scolded for wondering about people, it's something everyone does, and god forbid I ask a harmless question about a friend of mine, a friend that I have NEVER said anything bad about EVER. I'm such a bad person for asking a question and simply wondering....and having a harmless conversation.

Tsk, tsk...

Ah well, I have NO enemies and I never will, so it does not matter anyway, I always forgive.

I don't think that wondering about someone means I am "Getting into their business" at all.

Fighting is lame.
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