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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

So I found out that my motherboard was shot from the beginning, either that or Jeffy totally blew it up, we don't know, so I'm gonna call MSI and try to get a new one out of them. The thing never "Blew up" when we put it together though, that's the thing, it turned on and everything started lighting up and making whirring noises, but there was no spark at all. SO we are mystified by the board. I think it was faulty, personally. I just hope it will not take long for them to send me a new one.

Went to Jeffy's last night, always a pleasure, I forgot about everything when I was with him and I was me again :), what a relief that was, I totally grateful, he took me out to eat at the Olive Garden and the waitstaff even sang a little brthday song to me and gave me a really good chocolate cake, even though I don't like chocolate cake.....that was DAMN good.

We called a bunch of people over and went swimming and even Parker was over!!!! Parker dude, it was nice to see him, even if he did try to kill me in the pool.

The suit I was wearing was letting my boobies show I think, cause everybody kept starring at them....and I know I aint got much for boobies..

Jeffy and Parker and Nate got naked.

We had a good time, ooh yeah.....I want to hang out with Sara tomarrow and I need to buy a swimming suit, I really need a new one.

On the way to work today I listened to [Am.Psyche] "Psychosis of the goat" Nicky brought it over last night and I decided to bring it to work so I could listen to it on the bus. I like the lyrics and after listening to that first song four times in a row, I got it stuck in my head. The treble hurt my ears a little though, I did'nt even have to listen to it loud because it was loud on its own. I love samples, so that's a plus and they picked good ones, not gay ones like I hear in some songs. The music really reminds me of insane asylums, I get visions of the old asylums in the 1900's when they used to do all that crazy stuff to people who needed heavy treatment. It's kind of creepy and violent, that's why I like it.

Yup, I'm better today I think, with the help of my best friends, some swimmin' and good music. :)

Eventhough I know I still will miss his arms around me when he leaves.

Emotion: gratefulgrateful
Serenading me....: Am.Psych

yay for swimming... fuck i need a pool


from what I've seen you have plenty ... and it sounds as tho others would agree with me and that would imply that you don't need a new swim suit ... unless you want to go to ... er ... a skimpier version


Im sure jeffy was staring at the boobs, maybe we should all save up and get him his own pair of implants to play with for christmas. I wanted to go swimming so bad yesterday!

Re: ^V^

Dude, he would love fake boobies :)..good idea lol



no one ever invites me to go swimming...no one likes me ;-)
but at least my a/c works now

chocolate cake fixes EVERYTHING! i think when my horrid breakup happend i ate so much of it i gained like 10 pounds.... but it made me happier!

p.s. no one invites me to swim either. so i guess me and mordant are in the same boat.

Awwwee, we're sorry, I totally would be down for both of you to come to Jeffy's and swim, what's yer number??

I'll give it to ya at club tonight ifn yer there. Would post it here, but then a million fucking idiots could get it and that would be bad ;-)

You didn't call me...


Re: You didn't call me...

Awwee...I'm sorry!! I thought you had work until 6 or something and I had to pick up my computer and go to Jeffy's, I was at his house thinking "Damn it...I did'nt call Sara!!!" well, poo, I still wanna hang out today though, I got your message last night tee hee :)...