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Goddamn it

I did'nt call Sara's all my fault baby, I sorry!! I still want to do something tonight though. Yesterday was good, I got home from work and talked to Carrie for awhile and we went to get my puter, damn thing. I'm still mad at it.......

The guy behind the counter at MPC looked at me like I was crazy when he saw that I was going to carry my case out to the car all by myself, like I was a weakling or something. Bitch. I'll kill him.

So Carrie and I went to Jeffy's after getting my puter and chilled for awhile, we picked Stacey up too. After Carrie left we went to a movie and I thought it was pretty funny considering it was a Adam Sandler movie. Well, I liked big daddy too.

After the movie we went to Zebb's and had a little gathering, it was nice only having five people, it was easier to have a conversation. I was tired though, and when I got home I talked to Carrie, Nck and Joshy and went straight to bed. Yeay!! Joshy is spending the night tonight :) it's always fun having him over, especially since I really don't see him much.

Tongiht it's club and before club I hang out with Sara, and maybe Jeffy will come with us if he wants to, that would be cool too. I wonder where we will go....
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