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Good luck [Am.Psych]

First off I want to say GOOD LUCK to Meg, Johnny V., Nick and Josh before the show today - I can't wait to see you guys!! I forgot how much it is to get in though...hmmm

yesterday Carrie showed up at my work unsexpectedly..LOL, now THAT is just to good to correct, yes, she showed up unSEXspectedly...heh heh...

We were going to go with Kristi and Logan and Dave to Bastille days, but I really did'nt feel like spending cash on some french fair that I never really enjoyed all that much anyway, except for the food. And they did'nt call us back for like an hour, so we made plans to go to Jeffy's house instead, where I wanted to go anyway. So Jeffy made dinner for him and me, Carrie had Mc. Donalds and shared her fries..mmmm Bag fries. I was digging in her BAG for fries. haha

Wow, I have problems today don't I?... shut up you

Jeffy, Carrie and I wanted to rent a movie so we went to blockbuster and got this really nice movie, it was great, I forgot the damn name though son of a bitch. Carrie had to go to bed during the middle of the movie. Jeffy and I talked all night long about all different shit, and we did'nt realize that it was 4:30 in the morning when he left. Surprisingly, I'm not tired at all and I am very excited for the little party today for Todd's birthday.

Owwwa, I got a bump on my head.... ya dick :)
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