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Weekend post...

Friday: [Am.Psych]/Gnomeskull show, the cookout was fun, I ate a burger and it was juicy goodness it was, oh yes. It was nice of Todd to put that together for us all.

Am.Psych was AWESOME props to you guys, I was very impressed and for your first show, that really was amazing - I had a great time that night.

Saturday: My birthday!!! I got a slew of B-day calls on my answering machine, my grandma complained about my machine's lovely greeting heh heh, I think that's fuckin' funny.

OH man, Ren fair. On the way there it was more interesting then being AT the fair. First, we are all driving in Arons car, Jeffy in the front seat and me, Carrie and Kristiellen in the back. Jeffy flips this guy off that was tailing us pretty close, it looked like he threw a little piece of something, I don't know what, but it did'nt hit those people's car or anything. I noticed that they had a cell phone and I knew they were calling the cops and that they would be on our ass pretty quick ESPECIALLY when we are on a major freeway. Because police are have to patrol them all the time. We noticed that the silver mini-van was following us, so we pretended like we were going to that really big firework store that you see when ever you go down towards Chicago. We stopped in the parking lot and saw that the van was still sitting there, at the other end of the lot. Jeffy got out of the car and walked slowly towards them with that walk he has, they were'nt happy with that, they started backing up to leave the parking lot when Jeffy put his hand behind hid back, it probly looked like he had a weapon. well, we wanted to see if we couls lose them by getting on the freeway real quick again. THey were right behind us though, hauling ass like the cocks they were. And so were the cops that showed up behind us like two minutes after we started driving. Of course, we stopped and they made Jeffy and Aron get out of the car and took all of our ID's. I was watching as they were having a little talking to, then the cop turns Jeffy around and he puts his hands behinds his back and clips the chrome handcuffs on him and makes him get in the squad car. They did the same thing to Aron. I was like "Oh hell no! thay can't do that those fucking cops!!!" I was swearing all sorts of lovliness because I thought that for sure sure, if anyone would go to jail - it would be Jeffy. Because common...Aron? Whatever, I was so pissed because it was my birthday and all and these cops were putting my Jeffy and Aron in handcuffs! The cops then made us get out of the car and open our purses and they asked "Who's got the gun?". Oh yes, officer, I have it - IN MY CLEAR FUCKING BOX!.....I opened it and said "Look" with an annoyed voice and angrily crossed my arms. I don't care who ya are.. I'm not going to be nice if I'm mad. I leaned on the back of our car and looked at my Jeffy, who was still sitting in the back of the cop car which was facing me, he shook his head like "Those damn bastards", I did the same. The sun was hot on the red metal of Aron's car and burned if you touched it, we got back in the car. It was hot in there too and I was getting nervous and real antsy and all I wanted was for them to let the boys go. I was telling Carrie and Kristiellen in the car "Maybe if I tell them it's my birthday, they will leave us alone :)" tee hee. Finally, they let Jeffy and Aron out of the cars and took their handcuffs off. I was so happy, I thought my day was going to be totally fucked.

Nice story huh? I was just glad to have our boys back in the car again. The rest of the day I was tired and just wanted to relax because the cop thing made me real nervous, they always make me nervous - ever since I was arrested a few times, I have not been able to be calm around any cop.

We went swimming at Jeffy's after Ren fair and that was sooo good for me, as soon as we got to Jeffy's house I was better. That night Carrie and I drove home in our swimming apparel..heh heh *smiles* hey we were so crazy waving to the old people in Greendale haha.

Anyhoo that night I went to the bar (club) and I did'nt even want too, I did because Carrie made me. I had a fucking blast though, it was so cool, people were buying me drinks left and right. God I was faded, but I could still dance, and when I felt I would fall I just used the wall as my crutch. I never threw up though, why don't I ever throw up??? I always wonder that. But dude, yeah - a killer time at the bar. I did a little blue shot with Pat, THAT was good, I also had a shot of tequila with Pauly and that Jess girl bought me my favorite UV Vodka drink so did the bartender chick, I forgot her name, but she's awesome!! G00d times.

Sunday I went to Joe Joe's with Jeffy and Tyler, god their apt. is beautiful! nice high ceilings and a loft bedroom. I remember staying in a hotel room the size of thier apt. once, it was massive, they even have the little flip-switch fire place. I would want a two bedroom though, even if I was just living there with my significant other, just because ya gotta have yer own space sometimes it worked out pretty good with Kyle and I, we made the other room into a studio.
That Matrix video game looked like a movie, I liked watching them shoot guns out of the cars, muuahhahah.

I like cars, and I need some guns - Mark always said I should have guns in my house. ye-uh
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