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Scene #4

I float under the water as the light glistens all around me, I hover just above the mirrored floor of the well

The spotlight forces the white color of my face to be even more pale...

*view from left side of body, 4 feet above the water*

Someone is there, in the mirror....a dark figure appears from inside the mirror

He slowly walks through the glass and looks down at me underneath the water, his long black hair pushed back...

His long black robes are heavy as they absorb the water that only comes up to the middle of his chest

He bends down and closes his eyes as he slowly goes under the water to lift me from the bottom of the well...

He slowly brings my body to the surface, my white robes flowing with the soft movement of the water and my black hair following the movement

As he holds my limp, soaked body slightly above the water he looks up into the bright white spotlight which is shining down on us

His blue eyes become more blue as they reflect the light from above, he closes his eyes as the light becomes too much

He looks down at me, I'm still alive, my breathing is shallow and I still sleep..

He holds me close to him as he kisses my pale forehead

And I open my eyes.
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