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Layyyzy daze...

So I've been pretty calm and lazy lately, yesterday Carrie and I just laid around all day after I got home from work, we read and I talked on the phone for hours with Talleah. I turned on my Sasha later and just laid there, that music makes me feel like I'm in a dream n' shit. Speaking of good music, I listened to that CD that Jeffy made me when I was sad about Daniel, it fuckin' rock 'yo! I was all on the bus dancin' a little. Tee hee, he put the cutest songs on there I swear, even the butterfly song. I don't think there is a song I don't like on there - thank you my Jeffy :).

I was thinking about something my mom said the other day. She was noticing that I have almost always dated people from far away cities, I don't know, let's see:

1. Anton Impastado - Greendale Me - Greendale

2. Ronald Mason - Milwaukee (South Shore) Me - Greendale

3. Chris Mayer - Wauwatosa Me - Greendale

4. Steven Madsen - Wauwatosa Me - Greendale

5. David Villa Jr. - Milwaukee (East side) Me - Greendale

6. Logan Pethick - Waukesha Me - Greendale

7. Mason Gardner - Menomenee Falls Me - Milwaukee (East side)

8. James Schendel - Campbellsport Me - (East Side)

9. Kyle Krukowski - Lived together

10. Eloitt Abel - Milw. Third Ward Me - Milw. East Side

11. Daniel Luebke - Madison Me - East side

Well, I don't think it was THAT bad really, I mean they all had cars except for three and that was back in high school. I think Campbellsport was the farthest I have ever gone, it's 60 miles north of here, just underneath Fon Du Lac.

Hmm that's the first time I have ever broken down my list of boyfriends before, I am surprised I remembered all of that...
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