Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

So my computer has this program...

And it allows you to customize the message that comes up when there is an error, it's like a warning message thing. And I had a bunch of friends over one day years ago when I got this computer and I let them play with the program and of course, they made my computer say a handful of swears and naughty phrases....some of them which are damn hilarious. I recently put my own in there and now I have huge collection of nasty saying on here. I usually have the program on a random mode, which means that when there is an error, it will say a different thing each time, and it says it out loud too, and it AINT quiet.

Well, the computer is in my office on my desk, and people always use my desk phone to make personal calls, the other day one of our employees was sitting here talking to the IRS and my computer was on and somehow it had an error and on full volume it says in a male voice "MAN I NEED SOME PUSSY!" LOL.....OOOOOOHH MY was so goddamn funny, I could have died! I was laughing so hard, I had to leave the room and go out in the hallway...

I'm so glad my boss was not in the room! this poor guy, on the phone with IRS, I'm sure they loved that hey? The same guy walked in the room another time and said to me "Your computer just told me to fuck off and then it called me a shit head, I swear, it really did!" ooh, I love this shit. I don't think raver (My computer) likes James at all, but actually, he's one of my favorite employees here. I love my computer sometimes, I really do.

Speaking of computers, Jeffy got my new motherboard today woooo! now - lets see if it works. I took my other video card back to Best Buy yesterday, because I think my new board has one already. Now I take it to MPC to have them put it in, because if they break my stuff, they buy it and I get new stuff :).

I totally forgot it was Friday...I am the only one in the whole school besides the security, I don't even know why I came in today...oh yeah...I need money.
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