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Goddamn it.

I have to reschedule my gyno appt. now, because my dumb ass was late getting there -I thought it was at 11, but it was actually at 10. Now I have to this all over next Monday, but at least I don't have it until 1 PM. But man, just getting there today was a bitch, I had to take the 10 bus there, which was easy enough, but then when I wanted to get to my work from Wisconsin Ave (Where my clinic is), I found that there is no bus that goes to MIAD from there. SO I thought I would walk all the way down to 13th and take the trolley, since I know it has a lay-over in front of our building. WRONG - it turnd out there are two trolley routes, I thought there was only ONE and I was not on the right one. So after I went in a huge circle all around downtown (That trolley even goes to Potawatomi!!) I finally got off on Water and walked the two blocks to my work, which is what I should have done in the first place. Next time, fuck even taking the trolley OR the bus, Imma walk my ass all the way to work from 23rd and Wisconsin, I mean why not? I walked to 13th to get to the stupid trolly, I could have saved myself time and just enjoyed the weather. I had fun walking anyway, I had my music, it was nice and sunny and not too hot. Damn good weather out there, I was thinking for a moment that I should skip work and walk all around downtown all day 'cause I'm just like that :).

So let's see, last night I was with Jeffy, Tyler and Curt - god it's been a long time since I have seen Curt, but I think he got a little better then he used to be, I can tolerate him now - as far as I can see. We all had a good time, the pool was cold, but I barely noticed with all the laughing I was doing, Tyler and Jeffy were having pool wars n' shit heh heh. Joe Joe and Steefy were there and they're damn funny too.

For this week, I am going to movie night tomarrow with everyone, I don't know what we will see yet, I want Pat and Sara to come too though, so hopefully I can get them to grace us with their presence :).

Freakayy freakaaaay yow.....yow do do.....
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