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Dude, last night was so awesome! I had a fuckin' kick ass time with Brittany and Jeffy and Dave and Katie and all them. It was so lively for once.....and everyone was dancing, at least most of my group were, ye-uh, I love seeing my friends bieng happy and having fun :). They played some good music too, I left right when they were gonna play that Sarah Mclachlan song, but Jeffy would probably have not liked it if I ran back inside cause we were like out the door. Yeah, I called Pauly yesterday and we had a decent conversation about all types of shit, mainly the reason he and all of the others had a falling out. Personally I think they just had nothing in common. He and I on the other hand have a little more in common than the others. Hmmmm.....interesting thought, I don't know if it will go anywhere but we will see. Nick told me yesterday that he wanted to come over to my house on Monday that is another hmmm..... I really don't even think he will be there when I call. He seems to have this habit of forgetting when he is supposed to call and shit. We will see. I am just having fun with all this shit, it's so entertaining. I am taking Jeffy to Albaneses on Tuesday to pay him back for buying me dinner at Webbs once, and of course, to just talk and shit. Jeffy knows more about me than anyone at the moment and I really do appreciate his advice on things. Thanx Jeffy :). So yeah.....somebody has a new car I would like to see...Mike! get your ass over here and show me your car! heee hee. You know what guys? there is a fishie sticker on my computer, it's cute and round!
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