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I worship you...

I neeeed some Razed in Black..somebody burn me CD's so I can take them around with me on the bus. If you do that for me, you rule. So I talked to Talleah last night, we had a mildly entertaining conversation, everytime I get together with her, we talk about sex - it's always very interesting, I love talking about sex actaully it's one of my favorite topics - heh heh.

Tonight is movie night, I don't know what we will see, but I'm calling Sara from work today to see what's up. Imma get some Sara lovin' ....I need some loooovin'. Pat I am going to borrow Sara tonight if ya don't mind :). hee hee

I watched Stigmata last night, god I love that movie....even though I am not religious I really am attracted to the idea of devotion. I love being devoted to someone, I am a firm believer of that and have always been. I love to be in churches, surrounded by people who have faith in something, anything. It does not have to god or buddha or whatever, as long as there is SOMETHING there. I respect people who believe in something fiercely. I can sense that feeling, that connection....that pure love. I am extremely attracted to raw emotion. Passion is one of my favorites - raw passion, like when you have sex with someone you REALLY love and you can't get any closer - but you want to. heh heh. That's what I'm talkin' about... maybe I should stop :p.

Carrie has the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack and there is a song on there that's so HOT.....there's a part in there that goes "If you waaaant me....fuckin' just come and get me I'll be waiting..." oh man - it's hot, he says it all slow in a sexy voice.

I'm attracted to whispering, hissing male voices in music - like Tricky, anything he does makes me want to fuck and I'm serious 'yo. I'm not gonna lie. The same thing goes for that song "Blood" from Numb and that's also why I like Johnny V's singing so much, it's not really a whisper, but it's hissy, like a snake. I love it.

OK I'm making myself horny here.....I'm gonna go now :).
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