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Last night was damn good. I got off work and went straight home and hung out with Carrie for a bit, then I called Jeffy to make sure what movie we were seeing, we decided on X2.

Sara came and got me and we went back to her house to pick up Pat and then we met up with Jeffy and Kristi at the movie theatre. X2 was ok, it was visually stimulating, but it really did'nt amaze me in the least, it was alot of fluff.

After that we decided to go to Sara's and drink so Jeffy and Kristi went to get juice and brought a whole bunch of candy and shit over too. Heh, I got pretty faded without even knowing it, it creeped up on me - I loooove Vodka.

I must say I was feelin' pretty good the whole time. Heh.....I'm surprised we did'nt get freaky on yer bed guys, well - just a little. Maybe next time.

Pat...I still don't get the dollar thing?? heh heh...
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