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I am lucky...

I was looking at the gift that Pat and Sara got me for my birthday the other day and I was thinking about how lucky I was to have such good friends. Thank you guys again!! seriously, that necklace rocks, for those who have'nt seen it, it's a light purple colored lacy choker. And I have never owned anything like it before, the cool thing is that they did'nt even know that I like lacey stuff. Heh heh. I know wha I'm getting Sara for her birthday, but I'm not so sure about Pat at this point, I think I'll get Sara to help me with that one :).

I want a burrito right now.....Pat made me a burrito the night I slept over there and now I want one, it was really good and it had some avacado in it, I love avacado. LOOOOOVE it.

Yesterday I went to Jeffy's after going home and getting ready for club, I called Sara and we decided that we should all just meet at club 'cause Jeffy did'nt want to spend money on food and I wanted to go over by him, so Pat and Sara just went to Conejito's and I went to Jeffy's and he made perogies for us, they were sooooo good I LOOOVE those things.

Ohhhhh...Pat was my savior last night, he played Undone from Duran Duran.....duuuuude that song makes me want to get naked and dance all sexy. I was all gettin' into it, my back against the wall n' shit - I swear if there were poles on the dance would be ALL over then! muuuahaha

Hmmmm...I would like it if Pat could DJ all night, just him. That would rule.

I am thinking of getting my tattoos done this weekend, both of them on the underside of both of my wrists, barcodes. I need the hours of Timmy's shop tho so I know when to go in. I am supposed to hang out with Talleah this weekend and I was thinking of having her come with me to get them done. I am spending the night at her house Saturday, so I will be in Cudahy. I know it's inevitable that I will call Jeffy, so we will probly see what's going on with him too. Let's see.....Friday dinner with my mom and stepdad, my weekend looks pretty good and it's filling up.

I want to go to Planet Friday maybe, if not the freak show, I have'nt been there in a while...

Ooo oooo, tonight Mantra Lounge is having ladies night, so we get in free, I think I might ask Carrie if she will go with me, I want to check another club out besides Anything for once. It will be a CHANGE anyhow.

I just found out that I have to work the ENTIRE labor day weekend, Friday, Sat. and Sun. On full time, sounds crappy does'nt it? WRONG - that means CASH MONEY!!! I'm gonna be making mad bank dude, common...I'll be getting paid time and a half for that, I can't wait. And I still can choose my own hours, and I'm going to choose first shift of course, so I have my nights, I'm gonna go with 9-5, I love those hours they're perfect for my life style.

I should go to Sauce and get one of those really good sammich's now, oh how I love their food...*drools*
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