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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Change of plans....

So I guess I will not be going over to Talleah's this weekend, I forgot that I have to work this whole weekend, because of the Harley thing.....MIAD is doing this thing, we are hosting a dinner for bikers and people who just like Harleys at the Milwaukee Ale house, this is a fund raiser thing though - so it's expensive $40 a person.

Moneymoneymoney MOoooNaaaay!

So anyway.....my mom is taking me out to dinner today and she wants me to bring Carrie, but she has to work at 3 today and I get out of work at 5. So Carrie can't come with - that's balls dude, maybe I could bring her cat instead. I wonder if Desdemona likes italian food...well - she likes cheetos alot...hmmm....a little meatball or two could'nt hurt...

I have too much responsibility in this place, now all the employess here are under MY supervision, I have to track them down when they are not here, record when they want to take off and keep track of and update their personal records. Yes - I am the keeper of all of the confidential files, man, it's some good reading when you're bored. I found that a friend of mine was fired because she was drunk at work.....OOOoo busted!

So now when someone fucks up here, my boss looks at me like it's my fault. Today he was all pissed off because he had to come in and he wanted the day off, and one of our employees that was supposed to be here is not, so now he has to do her work. He got mad at me because SHE did'nt write her absence down on the board in our office. What the fuck!? screw you asshole, it's not my goddamn fault YOU had to come in because SHE did'nt do something. Yell at her NOT me...you cunt. I complained right back at him, I don't care who you are, I bow down to NO ONE, and I will NEVER kiss ass, honestly I would rather be fired. This is the only time I have ever been mad at my boss. Otherwise, he rules. But not today.....today he is a fag.

People always say that you have to kiss ass to get somewhere NOPE.....I have never done it and I have always had good, high paying jobs all through highschool and college. In my opinion, I think people will eventually respect you more if you keep an iron will.

I painted my nails yesterday, they are a deep purple and they look pretty good.

So I should make some plans tonight for after dinner with my mom, I wonder what everyone is doing...

Emotion: aggravatedaggravated
Serenading me....: Mike outside blowing leaves like a fag
Kissing ass....

I know you'd kiss my ass Chrystalicious... ;)

If I don't see ya this weekend... I'm into this movie night thing... give me a call at work or something. My new schedule is 10-6:30 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and 1:30-10 Sunday.

Re: Kissing ass....

OOOOOOoo baby, you better believe it! i'd toooallly kiss yer ass...heh heh, yeah, we're doin' the movie night thing, I'll give you a call at work from my work :). I am actaully workig 'till 5 today.