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So I got these pictures.....

Aaaaand I really wanna post 'em on LJ, but the site won't let me link them. There are not many sites out there that like to do that I take it, because it's been real hard for me to do that lately, and the picture I treid to post last week did'nt work because my dumb ass tried to link it from my DESKTOP...I mean duhhhh! I am the only one who was able to see that picture! ggeeez - I can be lame sometimes.

AAAnyway.....I am going to try to see if Snapfish will let me link my albums to LJ so everyone can see them, I highly doubt I will be able to do that though, because when I tried to choose pictures to send to people, they only let me send one at a time. The're kind a stingy on that site.

So Monday was great, I did'nt go to work because I called my boss and said I had a gyno appt. at one and he said to just take the whole day off and come in tomarrow, which is today. I was sooo happy! I got the bus at about 11:30 and got to my clinic very early, like an hour before I had to be there. But that was ok because I had to fill out mad paper work anyway. It turns out that I am eligible for this new insurance and it covers everything except for surgery and dental. So now that I have this special insurance, I get my birth control for free, and free pap tests to screen for cancer. Yeay to that, always down with the free stuff.

I HATE pap tests...but I have to have them because cervical cancer runs in my family, so I gotta do it once a year. Balls.

I started my birth now I'm going to be at least five pounds heavier...blah. Oh well, it's not that much. I'm happy because my periods will only last for three days heh heh, not like you all care......but too bad if you do. *point and laughs*

I talked to Logan for a looong time on Sunday, it was fun :) like old times, I hope we can hang out like we used to soon when he has more cash to drive all the way over here from Waukesha. I also talked to Nicole Bree...that was wierd, we really did'nt have all that much to say because out lives are so different now. It was cool though.

AFter my appt. I walked all around downtown in the bright sun with my music, I said screw the bus and walked the whole time, it was so good to just do that all day. I went to the huge downtown library and got a new library card, they look hella different now, all red and green and they can even be used as debit cards, you can charge them up with money for the copy machine and other shit you gotta pay to use there. I have been hungry to research some social science lately so I got four books from the psychology/sociology section. I am interested in phermones too, so I got a book about that, it's actually very insiteful and interesting, I love reading up on that.

SO tonight Sara wants to go to movie night, and that's tha plan, I work 'till five and she works till 6 so, I think I will call her from work before I leave.
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