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I want sammich. Sammich now....

So last night was damn good, I got free stuff (gotta love free stuff) from my friend Kristi, a whole shit load of clothes that she could not fit into anymore, I picked up some for Carrie too 'cause I love ma Carrie. I got an older book about psychology from Jeffy, he knows I love those old psych books, I was surprised he remembered!! That's one of the things I love about Jeffy, the way he quietly remembers certain things that you like and then later on surprises you with whatever it may be, or something very closely related to it. Very attractive quality :), Thank you my Jeffy.

That bubble boy movie was cute, I almost cried. I could not dream of a world where I could never be touched by another human bieng, I would just wither away. It made me think of a study I was reading up on a long time ago. I was researching the psychology of touch in high school and they did this study on 11 newborn babies and the object was to see how they would thrive with different levels of touch and interaction. They split them up and arranged for some to be touched never, some moderatly and some all the time. The babies that were never touched were still fed like normal, kept warm and clothed - but were not allowed to be picked up, talked to or even smiled at, no emotional contact was able to be shared with them. These babies - three of them - all died, and within only two weeks. The second group of babies were givin moderate attention, they were able to at least be talked to and smiled at, but still there was NO touching allowed. These children lived longer than the three who did not recieve any interaction, though poorly, they did not eat well and lost weight (babies are suppoed to gain weight steadily, it's one way of measuring thier development) these children also all died in about four to five weeks. Then there was three that were able to be touched but were not able to be spoken to at all or smiled at, these babies thrived but they were cranky and more irritable than a normal baby would be, they also did not gain weight as fast as they should and had moderate sleeping and eating problems. The last group of three were treated like normal children should be, they were held, talked to all the time, cuddled and played with, these babies all thrived well, gained normal weight and were reported as happy, healthy babies.

SO from that I gathered that we NEED to be touched, that contact, that interaction with another human bieng is what keeps us from dying, is what keeps us content and with a feeling of bieng wanted. I think that need never stops, people who are touched alot have less trouble sleeping, less sickness and do better in school. There are many studies that come to that same conclusion, and I am a firm believer. I was talking to a friend one night who could not sleep, I asked her why and she said it was harder for her to sleep when her boyfriend was not next to her. I guess that's true for me too, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night when I am sleeping alone and I have this feeling of....nothingness, it feels kind of hollow and barron....alone. I remember one night I had this dream that I was sleeping in my bed with someone, I don't know who it was and I remember thier arms were around me, I woke up and when I realized I was alone, I started to cry a little. That really sucked, I hate when I think something is real and it's just an illusion - damn dreams!!

Hmmmm..maybe I chould have put this in a cut.....tee hee oh well.
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