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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Tattoo day!

Yup, that's right, it's tattoo day and I am very excited to go to Timmy's shop after work today, I am off at three and I will go there after I pay my stupid, thousand dollar loan payment. I almost cried when I took the money out of the bank. Carrie was like "You HAVE to..it'll be ok". True, I will, it's not like I won't save it back up in a month anyway, so I don't even know why I worry about it. It just kind of sucks that I gotta give my money to the man. Damn the man.

Last night was sooo fun, one of the better club nights, with the exception of the CD's skipping all the time, what's with that Prince cd anyway? he needs to get a new one, or re-surface the old one.

I got my medicine yesterday, and all three of my credit card bills. Fuck them all, the Mastercards AND the Visa - in their ass.

After I get my tattoo, I am going to look at a car that's for sale by my house. It's a big white Mercury, maybe a 1979 or a little later, I would have to get closer to it. It's just massive, like I like 'em *growls*

I may be little, but my car will never be! muuahaha.

I just thought of something, how am I going to get to the tattoo shop? I need directions, Carrie was going to drive me, but she has to work 'till eleven tonight. I think I can walk there from the 10 bus stop, but I know there is a bus that goes closer to the shop than that. Hmmmm...Imma look on zip2.com.

This guy picked me up at club and threw me into the light fixture, playfully, but I was'nt diggin' it. He ALWAYS hits on me every time I see him. Eeeew. I just stayed close to Jeffy, I think that guy got the hint. Heh..

So Sara, we must get together soon, I know I will see you Friday 'cause Pat's djing all alone and I will be there. ye-uh

I smell like baby powder, totally...Kristiellen, what was in that perfume bottle? I sprayed it on me and it smells really good. Do you have more of that stuff? I want mooore..

I'm going to this party Monday for Shawn at club, it starts at 6, but I don't think I will be there at that time unless there is food.

So there's this portal thing I'm using to post in my journal and I looove it, it's so much easier than doing it the way I usually do. Everything fits in the screen perfectly.

Love you guys :).

Emotion: excitedexcited
Serenading me....: 99.1 - Jewel

hay. i just now noticed you added me.. groovey. i added you back. hi!

Rock....you ruuule

You better post pics of the new tat.

If I knew how, I could :)

Oooo darlin, that's Channel #9!! Can't afford it anymore though, otherwise it would be your's baby, all yours!

ooo baby, hell ye-ah.