Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

Funny things...

I forgot to mention something in my entry today, it's funny, yesterday when I got home from work, I was hanging out with Carrie and I asked her if we could go to the bank and we were going down the stairs of our house and she closed locked the door behind her - only to find out we locked our keys IN the house still! So....we decided to wait until our two neighbor guys came back so they could let us in, we sat on their front porch to wait. Well, they did'nt come for like twenty minutes and all the while we talked about devising a plan to get in. I said to do the credit card thing in the door, but that did'nt work and I suggested that we get up on out porch by climbing the wooden supports. Carrie pushed the table we have in our yard right under the porch so it was touching the house, then she put a chair ontop of it and climbed up - it was a little scary for her so I suggested we take the ladder out of the yard next to us and try that. So we walked over there, took the ladder and tried that, but Carrie is afraid of ladders so I climbed up, but I was too small to reach the wooden triangle support. So, she wanted to try the table and chair again and this time, she was able to get her foot up there enough to pull herself up. And tada! she was up on our porch with a little effort to hold on to the railing.

Good shit huh? our neighbors did'nt come home that night 'till fucking 6AM, we would've NEVER gotten in if were'nt for Carrie's climbing...YEEAAY!

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