Chrystal Ann Kaminski (surrealkiller) wrote,
Chrystal Ann Kaminski

So last night was interesting, me Jeffy and Tyler went out to eat at Albaneses which is down the street from me, it was so good, thier noodles rock the cock, anyway, we then went to Angelas and picked her up, then went to the movie and met Parker, Alli & Mike there. We saw Goldmember, it was kind of stupid but it made me laugh at parts so I could stand it. But yeah, after that me Angela Parker and Jeffy drove back to Jeffys to just chill and talk and shit, it was cool, I got to talk to Angela about certain things (Tee-hee) and I got more familiar with Parkers life up in Montana, looked at pictures and then Parker drove me home at like 2:00 AM. I was soo tired. I still did not get a cd from him though damn it!! they were too lazy to burn them last night. I got a slight realization of things lately about certain people. Some times when you say something to someone and you know they will not say anything to anyone else and it holds......for a little while, but you then find out that it, in fact HAS been passed on, you feel a little less secure. What is that security really? I am thinking of that question. I have had it happen so many times that a friend comes to me and says thay know someone has kept certain secrets, all to themeslves, but in fact, I know that they have deos one reveal that? should they? I tell everyone what I think right away, and in that situation it could be bad, so I watch myself. But I refuse to let people I know go on thinking someone has been faithful to them when they have not. It's like knowing that someone is cheating on your best friend and you just go on knowing but never say anything. You, know, like when your girl/boyfriend cheats on you and you are the last to find out, out of your whole circle of friends? How could these people not tell me you think? my best friends......Are they really.... this is a very contraversial subject and I have known way too many people that have had to go through it. And I think it should never happen. One way or another.
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