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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
August daze....

It's the first o' the month. Got my tattoo yesterday after work, it did'nt really hurt, it was more like an annoyance, like a bug biting you or something. Everyone said it was going to hurt SOOOOO bad - whatever. It did'nt! tee hee. It looks really good, the lines are nice and straight and the placement is perfect. I finally got my barcode I have wanted since I was in sophomore year. Cool.

Tonight I am going to club 'cause Pat' the only DJ :) that means our little posse OWNS the place.... heh. Yeah...

Pat, I will bring my wreath of barbs....I know what number I want to be played!

I was so tired this morning...I fell asleep reading my book, I wanted to read it so bad that I tried to ignore my tiredness. I got in today at like 10. Ahhh well.

I am going to go get a sammich at our cafe now, you can't beat a $2.50 meal that actually fills you up.

I will be pimpin' it wit my hardcore food in this office, and I am the only one who will have a sandwitch that's pimpin'. Because I fucking say so.


Emotion: amusedamused
Serenading me....: The Third Ward Jazz Fest across the street

describe the afore mentioned sammitch

Re: please

It was a three meatball one with tamato sauce! ooo man it was good! then I had ice cream...


i always wondered about meat ball sandwiches. er, don't the balls kinda roll around on the bun?

barcode tattoo

Hate to tell ya, but in about 5 years your barcode is gonna look like a black square if it is on any part of your body that has fat or muscle underneath it

Re: barcode tattoo

LOL oh my god! that was soo funny! I was totally sad until I read that...good times...any way, no the meat balls really don't roll around too much, but ya do have to hold on to the sandwitch a little better than a regualr one.

Re: barcode tattoo

Well, mine is on my wrist on top of two bones, there's not any fat and barely any muscle there, I have a friend who has had one on the same place on his wrist and he has had it for six years and it still looks perfect, except for the fading black color, and he can always go get it touched up.