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August daze....

It's the first o' the month. Got my tattoo yesterday after work, it did'nt really hurt, it was more like an annoyance, like a bug biting you or something. Everyone said it was going to hurt SOOOOO bad - whatever. It did'nt! tee hee. It looks really good, the lines are nice and straight and the placement is perfect. I finally got my barcode I have wanted since I was in sophomore year. Cool.

Tonight I am going to club 'cause Pat' the only DJ :) that means our little posse OWNS the place.... heh. Yeah...

Pat, I will bring my wreath of barbs....I know what number I want to be played!

I was so tired this morning...I fell asleep reading my book, I wanted to read it so bad that I tried to ignore my tiredness. I got in today at like 10. Ahhh well.

I am going to go get a sammich at our cafe now, you can't beat a $2.50 meal that actually fills you up.

I will be pimpin' it wit my hardcore food in this office, and I am the only one who will have a sandwitch that's pimpin'. Because I fucking say so.

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