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Woo hooo!

I was approved for the loan on my engine!!!! they said there were no problems at all, that I got the loan right away because of how good my credit was. Now I have to bring my car in tonight, so this should be a treat :). I have not drivin my Lincoln in a long time...I miss him man. Yes, my car is a boy, and his name is Lincoln.

Anyway, I have to drive to Greenfield to drop my car off today, I want to get it done early, and I need someone to pick me up from there once I get all the financial stuff finished. I could call Carrie from there I guess, she had off of work today - so that is an idea.

I hope my car does ot die in the getto. I am going to be driving through mexico city on 43rd st. all the way there. Down through the south side. Oh man. I don't know about that.

Last night I had a fucking BLAST. Sara and I went to Pizza Puddle to have dinner and Pat and Jeffy met us there too, then we walked over to Landmark for a few drinks. And what I thought was only going to be a few people - turned out to ba a huge party! first of all, Angela and her friends were there, so I was soooo happy to see her again, then Dave, Kristi and Chris showed up along with their friends. We had a group of like 25 people man. It was crazy. I was FADED after two stoli's and some strawberry flavored shit Kristi handed to me. It was damn good. Pat bought me one of my stoli's thank you Pat!!!

After the bar Carrie and our downstairs neighbor Scott went drunken shopping at Pick n' Save...oh how I love drunken shopping. The last time I did that I was with Parker and we were knocking shit over and laughing about it. LOL, I kept eating the nuts that they keep in those big open barrels in the fruit and veggie area. Hey, I mean it's out in the game right? Scott kept putting shit in my cart that I did'nt want, like stupid toy guns and little plastic necklaces for kids. I was like "Oh my god! stop it!!" I was so dizzy and Carrie kept wamting to give me a ride on the cart, but she would push me real hard and just let the cart go, ya know, so I smash into the racks and shit....haha, I caught myself though. I am surprised that we did'nt get thrown out...we were so loud with our laughing and talking. Oh god..I just had such a fun time.

Tonight is club and I will call Jeffy after I bring my car to Maynard's, by then he should be home.
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