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Last night I danced my ass off dude, like I used to. Sara looked so lovely in her old time dress, I love it because it reminds me of the 1800's, my favorite era. Very impressive gown, I gotta get me one.

Pat played my Wreath of Barbs #12, 'cause he rocks my socks. Carrie put purple extensions in my hair last night, and one kept falling out. I had to hold it while I was dancing. They looked cool though, if they stayed in.

I talked to people's here and there, I tried to be more of a social butterfly lately. I am doing a good job of that though, I want to hang out with people that I normally don't hang out with so I have been making plans with people I don't see on a regular basis.

Tonight Pat is going to take me to MPC so I can get my computer going, then later I am going to go to Mantra with Kristi and Friday I have plans with Tyler (He's on vacation!)so it should all be good times.

Last night Joshy came home with us and we talked ALOT about the same thing everyone else has been asking me about. I am glad that I have him as a friend, he was one of my closest in high school and he still is. Everytime we get together, we talk about serious shit and the conversation always turns out pretty positive.

I have made the decision to move out of my house next summer, my lease is up in August of 2004, the first. I will have my car all fixed, I will have gotten a nice raise by that time AND I will be more financially secure. I want to move into a two bedroom just because I love to live in big, wide open spaces and I found the perfect aprtments downtown that I will be able to afford by myself next year.

They are the brand new Brewers Hill Apartments on the Milwaukee river not too far away from Brady street, they have two bedroom units for only $550.00 a month, Elec. and heat included. I also found a town house I liked down there for like $600.00 a month - not bad at all with everything included, I can swing that no problem.

I am so SICK of living with animals - honestly. I love them, but I don't think I can have anything that can be out of it's cage. I want big ass awesome looking aquariums in my house one day, but fish don't make your house smell like ass and they don't leave fur all over your clothes. When my birds die - that's it, I need to get rid of them because I don't really have time to take care of them, I always forget to clean the cage as often as I should, and I HATE doing it. I can't stand animal smells in my house, goddamn it, I that the litter box and the cat food smell - it's just the worst thing. I like to burn candles and oils and inscents (sp?) all the time and I like my house to STAY smelling good, it can't do that with that animal smell. And I mean, with all my nice furniture I plan to get soon, like a new glass kitchen table and new shelves and shit, I don't want scratches on it.

Carrie wants to move in with me when I leave, but I don't want the cat there, and she HAS to have it. I lover Carrie, but I don't want that kind of life style . And I think I am too obessive-compulsively clean for her sometimes, she likes to leave her cups in the bedroom, set them on my glass tables and shit - and they leave marks and no one cleans them up. We are just different in our living prefrances and decorating.

I want to buy all brand new stuff for my house when I move next summer. I plan to have all glass - pimped tables, I am going to try to find tables that look like steel/chrome or some kind of shiny metal and I want the tops to be glass. I like like slick chrome, kind of industrial look. And I don't want it to be cheap shit either, so I got time to save. Wrought iron is nice too, my bed is iron and so are all my bedroom night stands. I like metal alot...and glass. I have always been into interior design for homes, I want to experiment with track lighting and spot lighting for homes. I like it dark though, I barely use alot of light so my lighting will be very subdued and kind of sensual. And of course, my candles everywhere, good smelling ones.

I can't wait to do this :).

I did'nt take my car in yesterday because it needs a new battery in it, so I will go with Tyler Friday to get one and he will put it in, then we're gonna hang out later. And I just gott $100.00 in the mail from a rebate, so I think I will get buy that bike that I want. My step dad just gave me $50.00 too, so rock the cock with the cash 'yo. Heh heh
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