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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Busy weekend...

Very busy weekend indeed. Friday I got home from work and called Tyler right away, he came over with his friend to help me with my car, the thing started for them no problem and I drove my Lincoln to Maynard's with the boys in the Charger following behind me. After that I went to Tyler house to chill and I was hungry so we went to get food and hung out with hid friend Amanda for awhile. Then later on we went to pick up Rose and to my house so I could change to go out to Bar Milwaukee.

Bar was cool, I had a fucking BLAST. I think I only stopped dancing for three songs out of all that Parker played (He was DJing). I was happy we all got in with those free pases. They play every rap song that I liked off the radio there, like "Beutiful" from Snoop, "Shake yer tail feather" and that one song that goes "I like the way you do that right ther" duuuuude it was awesome. I asked Parker if he could play PIMP, but he said his boses would kill him. PHoooey.

This guy was dancing all up on my ass n' shit. Big difference from club, I think I danced with three guys I did'nt know that night. They really are not shy at that bar.

After bar close we were waiting for Tyler to gather up the rest of the crew that came with us and I was across the street standing on the curb waiting when these two obviously wealthy black men pulled up in a brand new Lexus. "Oh god" I thought "They think I'm a ho or something". SO they ask me if they can take me out and buy me stuff and I told them I was busy after wards already and they offerd for us to come in their car, Rose and I that is. I pointed her out and they called her over to the car, Rose looks at me and goes "Oh you can't affors her, she's too expensive!" then the guy on the passenger side leans out the window a little and goes "How much do you cost?" I was laughing by this time and decided to pick a number he woul'nt have on him. "Yeah, you can't afford me, I cost $2000.00!" I said with a nanana-booboo attitude. Then I shut my mouth when he pulled a huge wad of cash from his pocket and showed it to me, fanned out like a deck of cards was what looked like about 200 $100 dollar bills, maybe more. I thought "Ok, maaaaaybe I should have gone higher". I was like "Well, I'm actually NOT a slut, so I gotta go, nice car though" I said as I patted the hood like a kitty. Then finally Tyler crossed the street and tried to get rose to walk with us to the car, she was still talking to those guys. "Come on rose!" he yelled at her. We had to have his friend pull her away from the car, then he tried to pimp her out to those guys, Tyler was like "No Stan! yer not pimping out Rose!". As we walked back to the parking structure, the Lexus followed quietly along-side us, but they stopped when we got in the building. Weeeird night, but it was fun anyhow.

Saturday Jeffy came over to get me at like one and we went to his house so he could get ready and stuff then Tyler came over and we all went to the Night Owl, this place on Layton Ave. It was pretty good, but I like A&W better. Later that night we went to Joe Joe surprise birthday party, I had alot of fun there, I was a little tipsy at the end. I took pictures with Steffy's camera, and speaking of camera's. Nate dropped Joe Joe's new Sprint camera phone in the giant bucket of alcoholic punch! THAT would really suck ass dude...I dropped something in their to though, but it was just a big spoon.

Sunday my dad FINALLY came over! at like 10AM though, and he woke me up at 9 - that really sucked 'cause I was still so tired from the night before. He came over and gave me cash money like he should and I talked to him and my step-mom for a bit and they looke daround my house for awhile like they have never been there. I don't think they were ever there....nope.

Later that day Carrie came home and we went shopping, I bought a new purse, it's cool, all black and it came with a mini umbrella, a wallet, an organizer AND a case to put glasses in. I am quite happy with it :).

Tonight is the candle party at Alli's house, I was just talking to Carrie Savronoch on IM and she is going with us too. Alli is picking us both up after we all get home. All three of us get off work at 3, so it works out pretty well.

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Serenading me....: Rich talking to me

Oh you got so close with the last name, Hmm, we should just call me carrie s. or carebear, or sir smokes alot.

the last name is just too much for people to spell.

Lol...sorry, it's savranoch right? a lot of people do call you carebear though :). Haahaha...sir smokes alot..that's great.

its savrnoch
yea its got 3 non vowels in a row.
and i had to say non vowels cause i cant spell the other word. man im stupid.

yea i smoke alot. its bad.

My Fav!

Oh my god, that Beautiful song by Snoop is like my favorite!!!!!!! U got good taste girlie!

Re: My Fav!

Heeeaaalllll yeah!

i swear every journal i read people are having car problems, its kinda funny. :)

Yeah, balls ta that, my car has been sitting for over a year and it felt good as HELL to drive it again!