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Yeterday was fun, I went to Alli's house with Carrie S., Alli's boyfreind had to pick us both up. Carrie did'nt like going on the freeway. I don't drive the freeway at all....I hate it too. I told her that because I get my car back on Friday I will pick her up if she needs a ride somewhere 'cause I drive like I'm 80.

We were smelling candles all night, I can still smell them now *sniffs*. My favorite scent was the Stargazer Lilley, which is also my favorite flower, bet none of you knew that ey?

Carrie, Alli and I talked alot, that was my favorite part I think. Because I never get to talk to either of them very much. We ate food, during the little candle showing, me and Carrie sat by the chips and ate as we sniffed. Heh heh, I was sniffing with Snifferbuiscuits :) mmuaahaa...

Eriq Tews was there with Matt Johnson, two guys I went to highschool with. Eriq took us home in his nice ass SAAB, it's brand new and I looove it. Slick 'yo. Mine's still better tho.

Tonight I am going to buy new shoes with my granparents, for IrishFest. My Grandma is making me go with them to IrishFest and she wants to buy me new shoes and take me out to eat. Hey, whatever works. Free stuff. Plus I get to talk to my cool-ass favorite grandma, my mom's mom.

I still have three grandmas. One great grandama even, she's 92. I wonder if I will live that long....
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