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This CD just kicks...

I can't stop listening to it. *dances*

" do do!" LOL.

So I got ahold of MSI finally, and they told me to go to their website and fill out a form so I can send my TWO retarded motherboards back. I have TWO , count them TWO motherboards that were not working from the beginning. When I went to MPC they had thwm both on their test stations and they said neither would recieve any power. THAT is extrememly rare and I think SOMEONE is trying to screw me over. If I get those motherboards back from MSI and find out that they both are in good working condition, I am going to sue MPC for all the money I paid them, the cost of the boards AND a little extra. I have a free lawyer whom is my uncle Phil, I don't even have to pay court fees, so I am set.

Now I should get two working motherboards back from them. One I will give to Jeffy to do whatever he wants with and the other I will have installed in my case. I feel like busting someone, so I hope I find out that it was MPC. Just 'cause they can be dicks sometimes.

I have been a little down lately, contrary to everyone's beliefs probly. I hide it well sometimes.

I found somethin' out.

Hmmm.... I gotta order some stuff for my department...let's see, I already got the smoke detectors, I need to call the city for two permits and then call our accounting dept. to cut a check for city hall. Sounds like a lot of phone.

DUDE I need some more LOOT for tonight. I do.

Succumb to the loot
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