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All is good, yesterday I talked on the phone with Sara and the conversation we had was VERY informative and interesting, I must say.

I loooove talking to Sara, if I ever need any kind of reassurance at all, she is one of the people I would go to. Not ony that, but it's so damn fun talking to her because conversation never gets boring or stale. There is always a tid-bit or two of gossip to listen to. Even though I loathe gossip at club to the core, a certain percentage of it is ok if ya don't get too involved. Plus I'm not gonna lie about my on-going voyeristic qualities, wether they be visual or audio, muaaahaa.

SO yeah, went to Chi-Chi's with Jeffy after my talk with Sara, we had margaritas and chips and salsa :). We also talked about shit that's been going on, I got some stuff cleared up for me and like Jeffy always does, he reassured me a little.

So I feel better now. I need to stop eating so much, I have been really hungry lately and I snack alot. Imma get fat :(, and Rose always says "No Fatties!" LOL. Yeah, I need to control my eating habits more.

For example, I ate all of Carrie's cookies yesterday, they are the little ghetto Oreo's, they are not named "Oreo" but instead they are named "Creme filled cookie". I ate the whole damn package though, there were 18 in there and over the course of one day - I had eaten them all!

Note to self: Buy Carrie cookies. Stop eating them all up.

I am disappointed that Maynard's did'nt call me yet :( I hope they will call tomarrow.
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