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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

All is good, yesterday I talked on the phone with Sara and the conversation we had was VERY informative and interesting, I must say.

I loooove talking to Sara, if I ever need any kind of reassurance at all, she is one of the people I would go to. Not ony that, but it's so damn fun talking to her because conversation never gets boring or stale. There is always a tid-bit or two of gossip to listen to. Even though I loathe gossip at club to the core, a certain percentage of it is ok if ya don't get too involved. Plus I'm not gonna lie about my on-going voyeristic qualities, wether they be visual or audio, muaaahaa.

SO yeah, went to Chi-Chi's with Jeffy after my talk with Sara, we had margaritas and chips and salsa :). We also talked about shit that's been going on, I got some stuff cleared up for me and like Jeffy always does, he reassured me a little.

So I feel better now. I need to stop eating so much, I have been really hungry lately and I snack alot. Imma get fat :(, and Rose always says "No Fatties!" LOL. Yeah, I need to control my eating habits more.

For example, I ate all of Carrie's cookies yesterday, they are the little ghetto Oreo's, they are not named "Oreo" but instead they are named "Creme filled cookie". I ate the whole damn package though, there were 18 in there and over the course of one day - I had eaten them all!

Note to self: Buy Carrie cookies. Stop eating them all up.

I am disappointed that Maynard's did'nt call me yet :( I hope they will call tomarrow.

Emotion: relievedrelieved
Serenading me....: Fuck Mix? CD John made me

ok. ill just say it. since i dont have yer e-mail or phone number, im gonna have to say it here. at the bar, im almost possitive you said youve been dating for 2 months. then walking outa the bar, i say to jeff,"wheres your woman"? he says "my woman"? i say "yeah, havent you been dating for about 2 months now"? he says no. that was it.. i didnt mean to cause bullshit. but how the hell was i sposed to know?

I never said we were "Dating" for two months, I said there was "Something" going on for two months, but we did'nt exactly know what. You kept saying that you thought it looked like we were dating, and even though I said we were'nt, you still said you thought we were. I don't care what people think anymore though, because no one listens to me anyway.


ok. i know how you feel bout being fat. I feel fat. and you know what, neither of us ARE fat. we just FEEL fat. and that is bull. maybe we should start workin out or some shit. and that really isnt a bad thing. it will help us in the long run. and make us FEEL better about gaining the what 5 lbs weve gained. no deal, we can handle this shit! come on.... WE FUCKIN ROCK ASS!!! WE ARE THE SEXY BITCHES we can handle a few poounds...... or can we?

Wish we coulda gone to fest

Know you won't see this till Monday, so I'll probably talk to ya before you read this.

So, that's cool, I guess I will just hang with ya and not finish this post, yeah I had a drink tonight.

You wanna make something of it?

I'll take ya outside, TRISCUIT!!!!

ok, heres the game plan, next time you go to chi chis, im comin with. itll be a "date" and if you dont take me, ill swallow you whole and pretend i went to chi chis. then when they ask what happened to you ill say "who? oh herrr...yea she went thata way."