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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Weekend Post....

Friday: I went to Irish Fest with my grandparents, it was actually really fun, I watched the irish dancers do their thing and I could not help remembering when I used to be a dancer, performing at Irish Fest. It brought tears to my eyes actually. I wish I had never stopped dancing, it had become more important to meover the years and I regret ever quitting irish dancing, I could have been a champion dancer by now...

So I have decided to get back into some sort of dance again, I don't know if it will be irish dancing, or some sort of other ethnic dance, but I know it will along those lines. As long as it's expressive, I'm down.

Saturday: I went to Talleah's house and hung out with her all day, from like 1PM until 11PM. Then I went to club and talked to Sara and Katie and this guy I have been interested in for awhile, Jose. I talked to him alot and actually, at the end of the night he asked for my number, I gave him mine too. He gave me a ride home because I forgot that I took the bus to club (duh!). I'm wierd..

Sunday I stayed home all day and cleaned and read half of one of my library books. I really did TONS of reading Sunday. It was a READ-A-THON 'yo. RepreZent!....what?..

Anyway, I told Jose to go to club on Wed. because he is on vacation this whole week, so he does not have to worry about his third shift job getting in the way. *smiles* he's so damn cute and I don't care HOW old he is, age really does not matter much to me anymore, life's too short to worry about that kind of shit.

Today I am truly semi-congested, I caught Carrie's cold, now Nick will have it and then it will go all the way down the line. I am supposed to pick up my car today, how....I don't know yet :).

Emotion: sicksick

hey do you have my number?
you should call me, so i can tell ya somethin...

I sometimes

worry about that age thing, too, you know. All the people I hang around with are quite a bit younger than I am. I get along with them all so well, tho. The ones my age are ... well ... generally uninteresting. So, where was I going with this ... umm ... well, it's refreshing to hear you say that age doesn't matter. so, thanks, I guess


Why did you not introduce me to this mysterious JOSE??? I was worried about you Saturday night, going home with some guy you just met, but it wasn't some guy you just met it was JOSE.

Gees, I'm glad you posted cause I was thinking about calling you all day yesterday to make sure you got home (although I have no idea what I would have done had you NOT made it home ok).

Sorry if I was snippy at the end of the night Saturday, I had an attitude problem, I've ajusted it.

Re: Why?

It's ok, I really can't believe I forgot that I took the bus to club! I never do that and I felt really bad about having to ask someone for a ride even worse having to ask the guy I like!!

But yeah, you were'nt snippy, you had to work the next day, so I understood :) you guys wanna do something tonight? I was thinking of calling Jose to come with us either today, tomarrow or both :). He's on vacation this whole week, so he could probly chill with us :).

i know how ya feel

lemme know what sort of dance thing you decide to join! - i use to go to the milwaukee ballet school from, like, age 5-12 and performed in the nutcracker and what not -and then i went into cheerleading and poms right away, so there is this void where dancing use to be.

Re: i know how ya feel

No problem, I'll tell ya all about it :). I just hope this is'nt going to cost me lots of money!!

alright. ive said my peace. to be honest-i dont really remember much of what was said that night. and i think i even told jeff "not to quote me". but whatever. i guess thats about it huh? i seem to have a real problem making friends with women. ah well. im used to it.

It's ok, you were TOTALLY wasted that night, I understand, I was just a little peeved about Jeffy being mad at ME when I did'nt do anything. I was not completely sober either...

So it's all good, I still like you, I had an awesome time that night - you are a blast to be around.

No hard feelings OK? :)

YAY ... the jose thingy! i told you all was good and to go for it. hes an awsome guy.


*smiles* thanks!!

"I don't care HOW old he is, age really does not matter much to me anymore, life's too short to worry about that kind of shit."

Honey, age is merely a biological identity, nothing more, nothing less. If I worried about other people's ages and mine, I would not be hanging out with any of yous, cuz I'm old!!

LOL....awwwwe yer not OLD!!! wait 'till yer 50 to say that :)