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Yesterday was awesome! I woke up like 9:45 and called Mike to wake him up (Tee-Hee) he picked me up at like 11:00 and we went to get Kaliegh a birthday present at Southridge, then we went to the bank to get money and then to Milwaukee Grill where Alli works so we could visit, it was cool to finally see where she works, the food is pretty good there and the prices are decent too :). We talked there for a bit and then Alli wanted us to go get Kaliegh some lotion from Bathand body works, sparkly lotion! yeay.....sparkly lotion is good :). It was kind of funny to see Mike in Bath and Body works, I never really pictured him going into a store like that, hehe. After our second trip to the mall, we went back Alli's work but she was not done working yet so we went to Jeffy since we had time to kill, Angela and Jeffy were getting ready for the party too. They also wanted to go to the mall after Office Depot, so we went on our third trip to the mall....damn that mall. When we finally got to Kaliegh's it was fun she had lots of food and I met some cool people there, I stayed the latest and went to some dudes house I did not know for a little party, then I went to Rocky horrer Pic. show with Kaliegh and her sister. Tyler was dressed in a hooters irl outfit and won 1st place in the costume competiotion! it was fuckin' hilarious! So all in all it was a busy day, but it was so much fun.
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