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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]

I got Lincoln!!! yesterday after work I had my grandpa pick me up and take me to get my car, the Maynards guy said that my engine is was taken out of a Cougar and it's only five years old! they even washed it and shined my Lincoln up :). I was so happy to see him again, Looking like new. I love my Lincoln.

So I drove around all day, I went to the bank and then home for awhile, then drove to Alli's house to drop off my order, I hope it was'nt too late to giver it to her :).

Heh, the only thing that sucks about having Lincoln is the gas money. And he's not registered anymore, I never renewed my plates. Ah well, I'll do that sometime in the future. It's 60 bucks though. balls ta that. That's what I get for having personalized plates.

They read: STAYWME, cute huh?

There's a car around the way with plates that say "I STY AWY" Ya know, I stay away and stay with me? I thought that was funny. I was gonna park next to it and take a picture, but the car's for sale now and it will probly be gone before I get any film.

So now I can drive MYSELF to club along with everywhere else, I'm gonna need directions though, especially to Pat and Sara house, the "Non-freeway" directions :). Muuhaha

Today I want to do SOMETHING, after getting my computer from MPC, I should call people. I call my Sara. MMmmmm Hmmmm :)

It was PIMP listening to my Razed CD and all my other John and Pat made CD's in my car....awwwwee yeeeeaaaa....all I need is some gin and juice and I'm set. Rather Vodka, actually.

Emotion: pleasedpleased
Got My Mind On My Money

And My Money On My Mind
Sipping on Gin and Juice
Oh yeah

I just got home from work, I went, there is no shipment today, so I'm off today and in tomorrow, my choice.

So give me a call today anytime... we (Pat & me) might go somewhere to get 'eats, but otherwise we'll probably be home most of the day for some R&R. I'm glad you got your car, now you can come pick me up, boo yah!!!!

Coo, I'll give ya a call laterzzz :)


YAY. you got your ride!