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cool stufff........

Yeah, my weekend was pretty cool, I had Jeffy pick up on Saturday and me him and Angela went to her house and chilled for a bit then we went to Anything for a while, the band kind of sucked in my opinion, but oh well, they had a few good songs in there. Yeah, we went to Planet ofter and it was sooooo dead! man did they lose money after shutting down teen night, as the bar tender tells me. Yeah, we went to Pizza puddle after wards and then my house to get my shit and then we went to Angelas and I stayed over night there. In the morning we went to Sams club to eat free samples, they were yummy! MMMMmmmmm fooooooood....yeah, we then went to Jeffys and back to my house and I was dropped off. Later that night Alli and Mike came to pick me up and we went to Anything, it was surprisingly full of people, for teen night that is an improvement. I had so much fun Dancing with Alli, she is so cute! take off the bra!!!! woo-hoo! :). yeah it's always cool talking to those two in general so I think my weekend was complete, very cool all together. I left my wallet at Webbs and this guy I know Scott dropped it off for me....awwwwwwww, so sweet! he lives real close to me too (tee-hee). Hmmmm, I am going to crispy Kremes soon, what kind of doughnut should I get? Jelly filled?......Glazed? hmmmm....
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