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My mother passed away in 1978 from breast cancer, my father
in 1997 from a stroke. When I found two lumps close to my
armpit, I went for a mammogram, then an ultrasound, and finally
a biopsy. Upon entering the room for the test and sitting in
the chair, the thermostat cover flew off the wall behind me
and landed on the floor between me and the technician. I
laughed and said, "We'll take this as a good sign." She said
that had never happened before. Needless to say my biopsy was
negative. My nephew was told he had an irrepairable brain
condition and a few months to live. One night while praying,
he looked toward the couch and saw my father sitting on it.
He smiled and disappeared, and so did my nephew's problem. The
doctors can't explain it, but we can.

~ G.H.
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