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Weekend Post

Friday: I decided NOT to go anywhere this day, it was DAMN hot and I was toooo lazyyy. Carrie and Nicky and Josh Singleton were over so I hung out with them instead of going to Planet like I was going to.

Saturday: I did wash in the morning, paid a credit card bill, etc. Jose called and I talked to him for a looooong time on the phone, then I watched Legend and Jose came to pick me up and we went and saw the movie "Swimming Pool" I loved it, I was very impressed by the ideas and the way the film progressed. Jose liked it more whne it got towards hat end because he thought it started out a little slow. After the movie we went to club and I saw my Sara and introduced her to my sexy latino boy. Heh, by the end of the night we were gettin' a little randy, if you will. He goes "I'm having a hard time wating to see of your songs will be played" so, needless to say, we went home. The rest I'll leave up to your imaginations ;).

Sunday: I drove to Walgreens to visit Carrie and got my perscription filled, it was only $25 so that's good. I was put on these pills for people who get constant bladder infections, they're huge white pills and they have two names, both of which I have never heard of before. Imma look 'em up on line to see what they do exactly.

Today I am working 'till 5, then I should go to the bank to get my rent out so Carrie can send it out right away. Exciting huh?

Tomarrow I go to get drinks with Sara, Pat and Jeffy, then I get to go to Sara's house to work on my LJ layout.

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