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I am SO sick of Harleys, I could puke.

Yeah, so there's a thousand Harleys all around our building, well, we are right next to the Summerfest grounds, and that's where they all are going I think. I don't know what they are doing exactly, but they are all making a pilgrimage over there.

Our Harley exhibit is doing pretty good, there are'nt that many people, but enough to spread the word.

Man....that sound is driving me NUTZ.

If I ever see another motercycle after this fest, I will die.

I just had a baloney sandwitch, and it SUCKED, but I was hungry - so I ate it.

Did I mention that it was not MY sammich? heh, I ate John's food. Serves him right fer tryin' to steal my job :(.
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