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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
And the ride goes on...

Woot....starting to get used to this Harley thing, I don't even notice the noise anymore really. I just spent an entire 45 minutes sitting on the dock talking to our employees and looking at all the bikes riding past. I made a game of seeing how many choppers I could find, there really are not that many, I have only seen like three so far, those are my favorite Harley's though, the choppers with the high handle bars and little extended wheel in the front. I see the bikers have made a home in front of our building, about 50 of them are parked on both sides of our street. Good, that means they are comming in to see our exhibit and giving us the BENJAMIN'S!

I only have to work for four hours tomarrow from nine to one. Yeah ta that, I still get to see the parade, it comes right down the street next to us :).

As for tonight, I am calling Jose when I get off work, which is in an hour. I don't know what we should do tonight. I was going to see if Jeffy was going to be home today but I think he works or something. I want to go to Chicago to see the museum of science and industry, it's my favorite museum EVER. I also have never seen that aquarium that's supposed to be down there too. That would VERY cool if I could somehow swing that this weekend.

I just had a hummus sandwitch, and the fruit flies were after it. I was like (and I DID say this out loud) "Dude! you're FRUIT flies!!! and you want to land on my HUMMUS sandwitch!" what the hell? bugs are dumb.

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Serenading me....: The Harleys outside

I think I'll be missing the parade cuz I work. Poo.

I was on brady street for lunch today.. it's closed off to all traffic save for bikers. It was very very cool!

MKE needs more pedestrian-only streets. That's one of the neat things about Europe- tons of those. They lend themselves to very relaxing atmospheres :)

Woot to the harley reunion!

Whoohooo museum

Me and nathan went to the museum of science and industry last weekend in chicago. Fun times..

Re: Whoohooo museum

Why is the bat in your lj icon herding the sperm? Or is it chasing them? Does it want to eat the poor little spermies???


Re: Whoohooo museum

Jeffy aka seducedmind made that icon up for me .....hes got a fucked up mind!