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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
He's so lovely....

Well, last night I decided to stay home because I did'nt want to spend money on a fishy fry, even though I really wanted to go. My baby came to see me at like 6 and we never really got to do what we originally planned to, which was rent a movie from cockbuster. We watched my Stigmata DVD instead.

We talked about the movie and I found out that he is a "Non-denominational christian" he never goes to church though. I asked him when the last time he went was, and he said he was 24. He used to go four times a week! I was like "Holy shit! that's a LOT of church!" I never met anyone who went more than twice a week. Before, I would have been kind of weary of a relationship with someone who actually HAS a religion. But now, I find it intruguing, I have three friends that are christians and actually DO go to church and I respect that for some reason. I think it's because most people don't have a religion these days or are just so non-chalant about it that it does not seem like they have one. But when people actually follow through with their faith, I have total respect for them in that area. My friend Mandy and I used to talk about religion all the time and I had so many questions for her and we would argue constructively about church and what not. I think it's good for me to be around people who have faith in something, because I don't often see that much. Because I don't have a religion, I am free to study and research many different faiths and take the ideas proposed in each and not be biased toward any one.

When I was with Mason, he was a born again christian, although not too harcore. We would talk about it sometimes, but it never got in the way of anything, we just put that aside because it's not worth arguing over. I think it opened my world and my point of view up a little bit.

We had a good time last night, Jose and I. I got to sleep in his arms again :). Hee hee AND he has off work for labor day, so I can stay by him tonight and tomarrow night. He dropped me off at work toady and all the roads that lead to MIAD were closed, so he had to let me out at the corner of Erie and Water. Then I saw a THOUSAND Harley bikes all OVER us. I'm not shitting you, they were on us like butter on toast, parked on the sidewalk in our parking lots and even on our little tufts of grass where the parking meters are. I opened the dock door and saw rows of bikes when I looked down, I could have just sat on one if I wanted to, that's how close they are. It's like an abyss of machine.

The parade is still going on, I can see it from the office window, I'm too lazy to get up and go to the curb and watch though.

Man, I hope I can get out of here today, I am supposed to call Jose so he can pick me up, I think the roads will be open by then.

I just went downstairs to get doughnuts from the mail room, heh, well, I DID get some - alot of some! I put like five in a bag and just left. Muuuahaha my doughnuts! besides, they had the ones that Carrie likes, so I had to get some for her too and Nicky if he wants some.

I think imma go own there again and see if I can get some veggies, I feel like eating some broccoli or a mayto. Awwwee....MAYTO. That's cute :).

Emotion: lovedloved
Serenading me....: Harleys/bikers yelling
Yeah, you have meet someone else who went to church more than twice a week


Chrystalicious, I thought we talked about this, well it's hard for me to keep it straight, who I've told what. Up until I was 18ish (right after I graduated from high school) I was hardcore born again baby. I went to church ALL THE TIME, usually three times a week (at least once during the week, twice on Sunday), but often times more (I was in all the drama groups and plays... so actually everyone once in awhile I was literally there every day for two weeks).

Sigh, I talk about religion a lot actually, although I don't think we (me & you)have a whole lot. One of my coworkers is Mormon and we talk about religion almost everytime we work. Usually we suck other people around work into our conversations too.... so usually it ends up being me (an agnostic), Jacob (Mormon), at least one christian, and Jenny (not exactly sure... uh she's into goddess worship but I wouldn't say a standard "wicca" thing at all). We've thought about starting the B&N think tank, we have the most insane conversations in the breakroom & the back... anyway....

I love my parents and they are christians, very conservative ones...., could I ever date someone who was Christian? I have. Did it work at all? Absolutely not.

I'm sorry, I just don't believe the Bible is truth, I could argue science and logic against it all day long cause I've thought about it THAT MUCH. So many Christians pick and choose which parts they like and don't.... and I think that's bunk. It's all or nothing... and yeah, you don't have to take the whole thing literally I suppose, but then I just get into religion in general? Which one is right? Nearly all claim to be the ONLY WAY, and I HATE THAT ABOUT RELIGION. The amount of wars and death that have been waged in the name of religion, religions that are supposedly based on forgiveness & LOVE, it's ridiculous. Look at Palestine & Isreal right now, it's SO STUPID. Bombings EVERYDAY. For what? I could list examples till I'm blue in the face. Sure lots of great things have been done, charity etc... but enough to balance out? Who knows....

If you want to talk about respecting spirituality, that's fine with me, to me though religion is something used to control, example: The Christian REPUBLICAN Right. Faith? The belief in something without proof? Then I want to believe in fairies, and ghosts, and aliens, and vampires too damn it! I'm not trying to put anyone down, but hell... just don't go converting and thinking I'm going to hell (well, not cause I'm not a Christian at least) on me.

One more thing.... Religion failed me. I can't understand suffering. And it can't explain suffering... and I refuse to except the "It's all God's Plan" bs. It's all God's plan that children get blown to bits in wars, women get gang raped, people get parasites and hidideous diseases, people starve to death all the time.... NO. And don't tell me it's because of ORIGINAL SIN.... what a crock. I don't choose you Christian God of MERCY, you used to order your people to perform animal sacrifice NO THANKS!

;) Love ya Chrystal's, we'll talk about this soon enough.... I may call ya to see what yer doing tonight.... unfortunately we have to be at club early... But Tuesday again?

Re: Yeah, you have meet someone else who went to church more than twice a week

It's not god's plan, it's human nature, and not only that but it is really all quite natural. From a biological standpoint, so many of the evils humans commit make sense. It's strange, it's barbaric, but therein is the truth. However, we certainly do have the capability of surpassing this distressing fact about human beings, and many have indeed evolved beyond what our biologies dictate (short of some very powerful instincts), but many have not.

I agree with the rest of your arguments toward religion. I certainly feel that religion should be something someone personally discovers, and should *never* be forced into believing.

Re: Yeah, you have meet someone else who went to church more than twice a week

I did'nt want my post to sound like I was supporting organized religion of any kind, because I don't, I agree with EVERYTHING you said in your reply, that's actually exactly how I feel about religion in general. I just like it when people have faith in something, I respect the act of having faith I guess, maybe I should have clarified that. I have faith in some things, but not god. I have faith in love, honesty and in other people until I have reason not to. I just think that being in a relationship with someone who has a different view would bring another perspective into my life. We actually talked yesterday about it and Jose told me that he's really not HARDCORE christian, but that he's still trying to find something that speaks to him. So he is borderline religious, that's what I call that. I think he's on the brink of possibly becoming agnostic, which is fine, but I don't understand how he can be "Sort of" Christian, I think someone has to be all or nothing, otherwise, what's the point?, I don't know what's up with that. For me, it was 9/11 that finalized my decision to be a complete athiest. I can't believe that ANY god, if there was one, would ever let that kind of destruction happen. A god that is supposed to love and care for the entire world just would never let the things that happen on earth be as they are.

SO yeah, I'm still down for tonight, where will we go?