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No more Harleys!

Yeeeaaaay!! I can drive my car down Brady street again! weeeeeeeeeee!

So I had a fucking AWESOME time this weekend, with my baby, of course. I stayed over at his house Saturday night and Sunday night. We were two little LAZIES Sunday though, we stayed in bed until like 6 PM! I have to say that was the latest I have ever been in bed. We just cuddled the whole time :). Then we finally got up and went to cockbuster to get "The Wieght of Water" it was a pretty good movie, I enjoyed the parallel stories that were going on, it kept my attention well.

Monday we actually got up at like 3:30PM and played with Nicodemus, his cat which by the way, is beautiful. He is pure white with one bright green eye and one bright blue. He is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen, he kind of looks like a persian but he's real big, like 13 pounds but he's not fat he's just really tall. I looove playing with him, he's so cute!!!

After bummin' around in the apt. we went to Grecian Delight and got some food, mmmmmmm spinach pie. Jose really wanted spinach pie, so we had to go there. I got baklava and I reveled in the honey goodness.

Tonight I think I have plans with Sara and everyone for our little Tuesday get together. After work I gotta take that movie back and get money from the bank for my credit card bills.

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