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Interesting night....

So I talked to Sara all night last night, then I got a really bad bladder infection and I was pissing pure blood by 9PM. I called my grandma and she told me to go to the ER. I did'nt remember how to get there so I called Jose for directions and he said he knew how to get there, but he would pick me up right away. Mind you, he works third shift and was supposed to be at work in an hour at that point and he works at St. Joeseph's on HWY 100. He got to my house and asked me where I wanted to go, I said "Anywhere, I'm going to die". And he decided to take me to his hospital with him. "Not only am I taking you to the doctor" he said, "But I get to punch in on time too!". I almost was able to smile at that one, but the pain was so bad. When we finally got there, I was admitted right away because my condition was so severe and of course, had to do all the shitty paper work too, it was not as bad as St. Mary's though, I HATE their ER because there's too many mother fuckerz up in that biotch.

I got lots of huge pillz to take, so far I think I have been on every antibiotic in the world. I got the radioactive stuff again, I love that stuff it's COOL. I pee NEON.

My baby was so good to me, he kept comming in my room and checking on me and giving me hugs and kisses. He really makes me happy, I don't think anyone else would have done that for me. Carrie was home when I was crying and in pain and she just turned on her music and started cleaning her room, which made me kind of upset, I mean after all, I DID take off of work just to sit with her all day in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood to see if she was for sure pregnant.

I will remember that. I still love her though.

Jose even left work to take me to the pharmacy and take me back home. He really is a beautiful person, no matter WHAT anyone says.

Speaking on that note, I asked him if he ever dated Stacey or had anything AT ALL more personal that a casual hello with her and he said no. There is no reason at all why he should lie about that because it won't DO anything, he knows I like her, so if he did date her, what reason would he have to keep it from me? that just does not add up. Now he thinks if people are saying things, that someone is trying to ruin our relationship, or in his words "Fuck shit up".

I think Stacey has the wrong guy here, he was not at that bucketworks show people say he was at because there are pictures of him ELSEWHERE on the same night, I think they had a show that night. And he really is not the type of person to be at all "Cocky" or to act "Stuck up" EVER. In fact, he is very quiet most of the time around new people. He really likes my group of friends, especially Sara and Carrie. And so far, only one person has heard anything bad about him at all. Everyone else either does not know him or likes him.

I think I an going to have a talk with Stacey because I would never put it past her to lie about dating someone or fucking them (She has a history of such lies) so she really can't be trusted. I don't appreciate someone whom is not even integrated into my group anymore trying to start new shit from the outside. I rember when she lied about my friend Mike and about Joei and countless other guys whom she never really had a thing with. That's one reason I stay away from her, because I don't like lies. I mean, she's nice and she's fun to party with, but you can't confide in her and that's something for me that's REQUIRED of a friend. Why am I still going on about this? it's gay.

Anyway, tonight I am probly going to call Jose and go over there before I do everything with Pat and Sara and Jeffy too. I think I am going to quit drinking though, my bladder infections get worse the more I drink, so I will start right now. It's a good thing because both my parents and all my grandparents on both sides LOVED to drink or still do. My dad is an alcoholic and so is my step-mom and my step sister. My mom is not though, anymore and my step-dad only drinks when people are over, it's a good thing because he has three little ones to look after, Brittany 11, Courteny 8 and Ryan 5. All good reasons to NOT be an alcholic.

I don't know if I will quit forever, but I know right now it's not my best bet. My doctor said I drink a dangerously low amount of water, so I am pretty much constantly dehydrated - NOT good.

I want to go on some kind of permanent antibiotics for UTI's, but I don't think that exists. Because if I was on the medicine for too long, I would become immune, I am immune to Macrobid and one other one now and the immunity is growing each time. Soon, there will be no medicine I can take and I will DIE. Man, I hope I'm old when that happens.
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