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Bills, bills...

That's all I see today at work, there are these bills staring at me, they want to be paid. Oh, but they will have to wait, for I am done copying papers and figuring budgets today. They will have to wait 'till Monday.

The keys have my full attention today, as keymaster, I must re-organize them so that I can better find keys when people need them. So, feel lucky, little keys - you have my undivided attention :).

Ahem....Last night I talked to Jose on the phone all night until it was time for me to go to club, I went early, like 9:30 n' shit. I talked to Katie for a long time and then Tina came and gave me a cool book I have been waiting for, I heart Tina!! I also talked to Jenny Lueitzow and Meggy. I drank so much water there too, and I peed, peed all night. I wished Chaank whad the new Razed In Black, AND Duran Duran "Undone" I always gotta wait until Pat DJ's to hear that stuff!!! tee hee.

I am not feeling all that hot today, I think my medicine is giving me a sore throat, I should read what the side effects are again. My big pills are called Levaquin and they are SO big, that I can't swallow them without applesauce.

I found pictures of my Jose online the other day, there are TONS of them on the Strangest Places web site. Http:// I saved all the ones I really liked and I even put one of my favorites on my computer as my desktop picture. Yeah, I'm weird, shut up. He's just sooo HOT. I'm serious, I can't keep my hands OFF him ever. I can speak the same for him though, heh heh. Yeaaaah.

Tonight after work I go straight to the gas staition and then to my moms and then to Jose's house before he goes to work.

Shit! I forgot to take that drive out of my computer.....ummm Pat, I will call you from my mom's house before I leave to go back to my side of town ok? Cool.

I should get back to my keys now :).
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