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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Bills, bills...

That's all I see today at work, there are these bills staring at me, they want to be paid. Oh, but they will have to wait, for I am done copying papers and figuring budgets today. They will have to wait 'till Monday.

The keys have my full attention today, as keymaster, I must re-organize them so that I can better find keys when people need them. So, feel lucky, little keys - you have my undivided attention :).

Ahem....Last night I talked to Jose on the phone all night until it was time for me to go to club, I went early, like 9:30 n' shit. I talked to Katie for a long time and then Tina came and gave me a cool book I have been waiting for, I heart Tina!! I also talked to Jenny Lueitzow and Meggy. I drank so much water there too, and I peed, peed all night. I wished Chaank whad the new Razed In Black, AND Duran Duran "Undone" I always gotta wait until Pat DJ's to hear that stuff!!! tee hee.

I am not feeling all that hot today, I think my medicine is giving me a sore throat, I should read what the side effects are again. My big pills are called Levaquin and they are SO big, that I can't swallow them without applesauce.

I found pictures of my Jose online the other day, there are TONS of them on the Strangest Places web site. Http://www.strangestplaces.com. I saved all the ones I really liked and I even put one of my favorites on my computer as my desktop picture. Yeah, I'm weird, shut up. He's just sooo HOT. I'm serious, I can't keep my hands OFF him ever. I can speak the same for him though, heh heh. Yeaaaah.

Tonight after work I go straight to the gas staition and then to my moms and then to Jose's house before he goes to work.

Shit! I forgot to take that drive out of my computer.....ummm Pat, I will call you from my mom's house before I leave to go back to my side of town ok? Cool.

I should get back to my keys now :).

Emotion: draineddrained

remember.... feng shui!

Levaquin shouldn't give you a sore throat...it's just an antibiotic....once a day dosing, and tends to work pretty well for most things. 250mg or 500mg?

and it's good to know I'm not the only one who has trouble with huge pills like that....heh....


They are 500MG, how do you know all this stuff about pills? do you work in a hospital?

it's what I went to school for, and what I've been doing since '97. I used to work in hospitals, now I do only IV infusion and have gone to home health care.


Wow, that's really cool, I love studying about drugs, that's one of my big interests.

I've had levaquin a couple times. Your sore throat is from something else.

Lev suxors.


I'll have to go look at that website, I looked at it a LONG LONG time ago. I'm friends with the lead singer guy (Jon) and Tim (the tall skinny one.)

Pat has a picture of me as his background, which is funny cause I'm here all the time.... he also has two different pictures of me right next to his computer, it's scary, it's like a Sara shrine.... I'm ok with it though. ;) I have two pictures of him right by my computer too....

When we get the new place and our computers are in the same room I'll make him put them somewhere else! Our very own office type thingy... that would rock, Pat's going house shopping with his ma tomorrow.... then we can have people over and not have to pile them all in our bed. ;) Not that it is so awlful.

I apologize for that last comment, I was definately tipsy when posting it...

I hate swallowing any and all pills but especially large ones, it makes me gag. I'd probably have to cut them in half.

We gotta go on a double date... when when when?

Re: Pictures....

Heeeealll yeah, I love the double date thingy, I think those are probly one of the most fun things to do, I don't know why, it's like yer all dating someone, so there's no competition there. Tee hee, we'll for sure have to figure something out soon!!