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Ok, this sucks....

I can't replay to anyone's journal without it being anonymus EVERY time. It does that automatically, I can't STAND it anymore, it better stop soon, somebody go into my account and FIX IT!!!

Yeah, so I went to my moms last night and stayed to eat and talk and what not. What's crazy is that I found out that my step dad is the SAME AGE AS JOSE!!! WTF? I non-chalantly asked him how old he was, just to check, I still have not told my mom how old my baby is. I don't think I am going to now. She did not ask yet so maybe it does not matter, but I feel a little weird considering my boyfriend is old enough to be my step dad. I was thinking, am I dating old, or is my mom dating young?? because she is 10 years older than my step dad and I am 11 years younger than Jose. After I told Carrie, and she stopped laughing *tee hee* she said "Well, they'll have alot to talk about". Heh, ya got that right, they probly where friends or something, that would be so weird.

Yeah, today my plan is to go straight to Jose's house after the bank, imma go to his house without him knowing it. A surprise :).

My bladder is better now, my mom gave me a bunch of shit to take home last night, cranberry juice, water etc. Ya know, bladder stuff. I also got some cizash and food and milk. I needed milk.

Carrie's baby looks like a bean right now, it's about the size of a large vitamin. Cool, and the bun roasts on. I always talk about her bun in the oven, that's my favorite thing to say in lou of "Pregnant". I picture a little cinnamon bun, and it's sooo cute!

@ <---- there it is.

I'm good. :).
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