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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Weekend Post

Friday: I pretty much chilled at home until Jose called, we made plans to go to dinner and then get a movie from cockbuster, which is exactly what we did. I talked to Talleah for a bit on the phone too.

Sat: We were so damn lazy, we got up at like 9 and were supposed to go to my moms but never made it. I was supposed to go get a new headlight from her and get money for my resigstration, since she offered to pay because I said I would'nt until I am done paying off my new engine. I was even pulled over last week after club because of my expired plates. The cops were two very young guys who basically let me go with a mild warning. "Get that taken care of" They said, smiling. Heh, if they were chicks, I would have had a huge ticket. Anyway, Jose and I just took it real easy Sat. 'till we went to club, where I met hid friends Jon and Jess. I really liked Jess and Jon was just too damn quiet, I guess he was alright though, even though I don't have much to base it off of. I am going to thier party next week Sat, Sara is going too.

Sunday: I had a pretty good time with my baby, cuddling ALL day. He did'nt want to get out of bed, every time I tried he's be like "noooo" and hold me there. Tee hee, it was cuuuuuute. We tried going to like 4 places to eat, but most of them were closed due to it being Sunday of course. But we finally went to Dino's, where I will NEVER go again because they are a complete RIP OFF. The food was ok, the portions were small and the bill was almost 29 bucks. Screw that place in the ass.

Today Lincoln has an appointment to get his enigne checked and to get a free oil change at Maynards at 3:30. He loves oil changes....and he also loves gas, I get him some after work today.

So Carrie wants to move out of our house right away and so do I. We are currently trying to get out of our lease, because she will have the baby before it is up. I am currently looking at a high rise I would really like to get into right away, it's in the middle of downtown and it's only $555 a month. There are other tower apartments down there that are just as nice for $380. All are one bedroom apartments, I am SO excited to bo moving downtown. I was thinking about the Third Ward and Walkers point too, there are beautiful loft apartments for only $440 a month over in those areas and I would be down for that too.

When I move I will be able to start my fishie tanks. I am going to be raising and breeding red belly Piranas like my dad did when I was a little girl. I remember them swimming in the tank and my dad feeding them meat and shit, they would jump and catch the meat. They're PIMP. I wanna get a huge tank and just fill it with Piranas....oh yes, beware! I will sick them on all who wrong me *jaws theme song plays*.

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You are the one who is the ball licker!

Yey, party with Chrystal at Jon & Gabby's, yey. I haven't hung out with them in so long. I miss Jon even though we have an awkward history.... we've been just friends for a long time now, man that was ages ago... gees when I was going to school in Madison. Anyway, things are cool between us now. He's shy, but he talks quite a bit once to get to know him. Jon was super friendly with Pat (surprisingly talkative) and they got along great, which is awesome.

Jon also asked me if I wanted to go with them to see Delirium in Chicago next week, which would rock if I can get out of work.

So yeah, call me today sometime (well Tuesday that is)

Re: You are the one who is the ball licker!

Oh yes, tonight we will prolly get together. Jeffy wants to do the movie thing and margaritas too. Are ya down? I'll call ya :)