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I can't STAND some of these people.....

Especially the people in the Fuck you List, goddamn, they can be pricks.

So yesterday was so much fun, I drove to Jeffy's right after work and chilled at his place with Lynn, who, by the way is sooo awesome. I forgot how cool she was, it turns out we get along way better than I thought we would originally. Lynn and I were gettin' down wit tha DAWGGG at Jeffy's while he took a shower, we were singing and Lynn was jumping around all happy like, it was cute. Pat and Sara showed up and then they left to get Tina and Jeffy, Lynn and I went to Chi-Chi's. We had some of the funniest conversations there, I had the cuttest cheese cake. It was all round and I LOVE round. It's my favorite shape :). It was so cute that I did'nt want to eat it, but I did and it was good.

Carrie went to the emergency room when I was at Chi-Chi's, I kind of freaked out and though "I have to leave". I tried playing it off like I was ok, but really I was scared for her. Sara went with me to St. Mary's to see if Carrie was in the waiting room, we did'nt see her so we went home and I called her, no answer. She did come home at like 11:30 and told me all about what happened. They gave her an ultrasound and had to use a catheter, which she said, hurt so bad that she screamed when they took it out. They took four vials of blood and did some other tests too. As for the reason she went in, it was because she has been having major cramps for a few days now. The doctors say they don't know what it is. That's gotta be scary, I just hope she will be ok. There is a cute picture of her ultrasound on the fridge now though, being my crazy self I exclaimed "Can we put the baby on the fridge!!?". Hee hee, it looks like a piece of fuzz, but it's there!

Tonight my plans are to go straight to Jose's house after work, then to club tonight. Ye-uh.
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