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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
Case in point

I don't think I have ever been in a relationship where the guy had a libido that I could not keep up with. Jose's sex drive is like non other, let me tell you. He MUST have sex at least three times a day, and if there were nothing in the way, no work, no nothing - we would be having sex......FOREVER!

So yeah, I went over to his house right after work and needless to say, we got BIZAYYY. We talked alot afterwards and then he left to have dinner with hid friend Tim and I went home to make some eggplant, which turned out pretty good. Imma eat some when I get home, mix it in with noodles.

We all went to club last night, I went to get Talleah and brought her along too. The night was REALLY dead until like 12:00, then things really started to pick up a bit. Lynnie came with Jeffy and Tyler and Rose were there. Oh man, Talleah really wants Lynn hardcore, they exchanged numbers, hugs, bodily fluids ya know, the usual. I told her she would find a hot chick. As I was driving taking Talleah home, she talked all about Lynnie it was cute :).

I saw gay Timmy today, in the hallway as I was going down to the mail room to check my mail and get my daily tea and occasional doughnut. He told me he wanted to go to club more and I told him to go to the [Am.psych] show in October and he said he'd go, I wish I would have had a flyer though, 'cause I know he'll forget. Ah well, I'll remind him. He does not talk to Stacey any more, I saw that one comming from FAR away and I don't blame him. She supposedly fucked him over too much and he wanted out, he said she was just to fake. HAH, and I rest my case about her fictional encounters with my current boyfriend, I always knew she was all bull shit. I can tell from far away who I can trust and who I can't.

Tonight I am going to my moms to get the money she is giving me for my registration and to get my new headlights she is buying for me. I will probly eat there too and then call Jose to make our plans for tomarrow.


Emotion: lethargiclethargic

"if there were nothing in the way, no work, no nothing - we would be having sex......FOREVER!"

the wording of this cracks me up


LOL heeeall yeah..

sexual healin baby !!

LOL that's what it's alll about!

you sure get out and into relationships awfully quick. I wonder if there's something you're not quite dealing with in the VERY short time you're alone..
i'm concerned about you chrystal.

I don't think it's that I'm not dealing with something, it's that I can get over someone EXTREMELY fast now. I can just forget them in like a week, when I used to pine over people for months. People may think it's cold, but I don't care, it allows me to move on as quick as I want and be happy about it. I am VERY happy when I am single, I am never home because I am always out with friends. But I prefer to be in a relationship and this guy came to ME. I did'nt ask him out, he was just very persistant and I never pass up a good chance, so I took it. And I am glad I did, I am very happy with Jose, he brings things into my life that I have never thought of before or experienced.

You owe me $30. U ass :).