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It's only 10 in the AM. Ugh. I have nothing to do today besides finish a few bills here and that's it. How boring. It's usually not this bad.

I went to Jose's house after work yesterday and we went to his bank and then he took me to Jalepeno Loco by the airport, it was pretty good, I had three tostadas and I took two home. We had quacamole too, and I LOVE avacado in ANYTHING so we took the rest of that home too. We talked about 9/11 a little bit, I find myself getting so serious when I talk about that subject. It's really sensitive for me, I really don't know why it affects me so much, but it does. I really am still sad about it, I cried the day it happened, I remember being in class and my teacher was talking about it with us and I looked at my friend Mandy, who was sitting across the room from me and I saw this tear roll slowly down here cheek. I felt that same sorrow when I saw that. My eyes teared up too. I remember the next week was so crazy, everyone was running around calling thier families on their cell phones in class and people would just get up and leave to cry. MIAD even organised a support group to help the kids that could not deal.

I know our country is an ass, but common. I don't believe in war OR revenge or anything of the sort. I HATE fighting. Jose pointed out how the two terrorists thought of us as "Demons" and martyred them selves as some sort of godly do-gooders. It was an interesting point of view, I never thought of it in that way before. Imagine the amount of brain washing their country did to them to get people to that point. Jose talked about how it was basically "Illegal" to not make god your everyday primary thought and influence. Now that's some mind control.

I just am so disappointed that all had to come to this.

Can't we all just get along? some lovin' when we got home :). Mmmm mmmm. I love me some latino heat.....mmuaaahaha

I am at work 'till five tonight, then I go to get gas and then Jose and I will decide on what the hell to do tonight, we wanna be kinda chill, but I don't know. If anyone knows if somethin' cool is goin' on, they should tell us :).
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