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Chrystal Ann Kaminski
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This journal consists of my daily functions, my musings and general thoughts. Read as you wish...

May 2007
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Chrystal Ann Kaminski [userpic]
My weekend

I need a fuckin' speedpass ' yo. ....what the hell do I gotta do to get a speed pass up in this bitch, those things are pimpin'.

Friday: I went to Jose's house and um......well, we "did" stuff :). We then went out to eat at Jalepeno Loco again, he must really like that place, 'cause he always wants to go there. Next time though, I think we should go to Azteca or La Fuente, one of them places on fifth N' National. I looove 'em, I love 'em I do. We went to my house to spend the night because we had alot to do the next day and I wanted to take a shower right away and get ready at my house in the morning, because it would be easier that way I guess.

Saturday: We got up at like 10:00 or so, I got ready and we went to his his house then so he couls ge ready too. We went to his bank in Cudahy and then to my apt. to look at an apartment. It was ok, but too small AND it was a one bedroom that costed more then my TWO bedroom. I said fuck that. The place had a fitness center and it's right next to the lake, but it really is not worth it for $550. I can move into a one bedroom high-rise for $555, why not go that route instead. Jose did'nt like it that much either, he said he did'nt like the kitchen and the carpet did not impress him. My place is bigger anyway. After that we went and chilled at his house for a while and took a nap. We went over to his moms house so he could watch boxing on PPV. I mostly read the whole time, but it was fun because he did'nt ignore me AT ALL like most guys would do if they were watching some sport. We then made it over to John's party after picking Sara up. It was cool there, they have a nice ass house. And they had SNACKS. I love snackies, they rock my socks. Man was Jess ever drunk off her ass! she showed us her baby kitties and they were soooo cute, Sara was so happy to hold them, you should have seen her. I swear she would have taken one home if she could get away with putting one in her purse, but I think they would notice a kitty head popping out of the top eventually.

Sunday: I went shopping at the Outpost with Jose, I got some more "Just Cranberry" juice. NAAAAAS-T. Ugh. I also got some cookies and bread. That place really runs you up a high bill man, I got eight things and they all costed me $30 . When I shopped at Wal-mart once, I got 20 things for $30. But Wal-mart food blows ASS when it comes to quality, the same as Aldi's and any other ghetto-ass grocery store. I have heard horror stories about Aldi's food too many times to allow myself to buy ANYTHING from there ever again. Like when a friend of mine found that every box of noodles he bought had little brown bugs in them, and he got like 10 boxes!!! fuck ALL them places. I'm glad I can afford NOT to have to go there.

So yeah, my weekend was good al in all. I miss Jeffy a bit though. I found out Lynn is going out with Talleah now, like officially. Talleah called and told me last night, I was like "Cool". As long as she's happy, he way not?

So my friend is commng to my house to hook up free cable, he works at the cable company and he is also one of our employees. Yeay :) cable again, now I can watch my discovery channel and my travel channel and IFC too. I got my credits in the mail yesterday from UWM, a list of how the credits from all my previous colleges add up to their system, and almost ALL of them transfered. I got lucky there, because most of the time people get screwed when they switch schools and want to tranfer their credits over. So, that makes me happy.

I must go get my daily tea and see if there are any free doughnuts in the mail room.

Emotion: mellowmellow
"Who showed you the kittens?"

"Uh, YOU DID."

Yes, this is from the actual transcripts of my conversation with Jess last night. She didn't even remember showing us the kittens, she was that drunk. But damn were those kittens cute.

Probably won't be doing anything tonight, so... see ya tomorrow?

Re: "Who showed you the kittens?"

Yeah, I'm not doing anything either besides going to Jose's house maybe. Tomarrow I am going to a free movie in Waukesha with Carrie at 7:00. I will prolly see you at club though :)

One More Amusing Tidbit - Aldi's

My friend too me to Aldi's ONCE when I was extremely poor (I was doing that fun working part time, student, trying to afford an apartment thang) and living on the east side.

I thought it was one of the funniest things ever cause Trinity had just accidentally dragged me into an electrical box a couple days earlier and I had a black eye. And for some reason I was wearing my torn jeans and a big ass T-shirt. I was so getto, I looked like my boyfriend beat me up and I had to dress in someone else's clothes and well... shop at Aldi's.


I can't say I would never go there again though... if I was really hungry. Bugs.... a good source of protein!

Re: One More Amusing Tidbit - Aldi's

LOL yeah....and I think they were those edible bugs too!