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Bump, bump, bump...

Last night I bumped this car behind me while trying to get out of my parking space on the unforgiving Plesant street infront of Jose's apartments. Some cock parked so I had barely ANY room to get out, so I see that as a big "Please hit me" sign. And so I used his car as a guideline while backing up. Take that asshole and may thousands of evil, gothic/killer fleas infest your armpits.

I decided that I should not drive far anymore until I get my plates registered, there are just too many polices around these parts and I'm through taking chances. One day they might actually notice. So this thursday I get the money from my mom to register...good good.

Went to Jose's house last night, he played guitar for me.....oh god, he's amazing. His playing makes me cry, it's very latin in style and very smooth, he likes a kind of grainy sound every once in a while too. He can play fast, we set the metronome close to prestisimo and he could play clean without a flaw when he really gets going. I could watch him forever.
We ordered pizza from pizza puddle and it was actually damn good and not too greasy. We watched murder trials that he taped while we ate. MMMM sounds apetizing does'nt it? ya know, chomping on yer pizza as you see flashes of the Manson murder scene on the TV screen. Yeah, we watched these Geraldo's he taped years ago that featured a whole slew of different murderers from no name to well known. The Manson interview was the most amusing I think, man is that guy crazzzay.

So tonight I am going to a special free movie screening for "Under the Tuscan Sun" and I invited Carrie to go with me. So that's our master plan for tonight, besides club afterwards.
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