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Happy trails 'yo...

So today I leave for up-north with my family, should be good times. I saw Jose last night and we watched the Jackass movie, which was funny as hell. There is one guy in there that really sounds like Parker, he even LOOKS like him a little bit too. Fucking hilarious movie :).

Jose called me from work just to make sure I was ok with leaving for the weekend, I said I was ok and that I would miss him anyhow. We talked for like an hour while he was on his break! I was so happy to see how much he cares. He did'nt HAVE to call me, but he did. Even though I know I am happy without a significant other, it makes my life happier still, when I know I have someone with whom I am greatly compatable with. It's that much of an enhancement, not a neccessity. I am glad that he feels the same way. He also feels the same way about marriage as I do. He used to not ever want to get married - EVER. Now, he does not think like that at all, he wants to get married eventually. As do I, and so far only one person I have been with did not want to ever get married. But that is something I have always wanted to do, and if I was with someone who did not, I really would not be the right person for them.

Kids is another factor, I want them in my future, but I do not know when and my mind always changes about that, sometimes, I don't want any because of the way I want to live my life, I want to be a painter and travel and do shows in different cities and such. You just can't do all that when you have three little kids hanging all over you. I also am exrtemely social and into night life, which diminishes when you have a child - if not completely disintegrates. If I am loaded by the time I am 26, then I will be fine with having kids because I could afford the babysitters and daycare and all that. But otherwise, I always have mixed feelings about it.

I guess I just have to make sure I have the right person. And time will tell.

Have a good weekend everyone!!! Back on Monday :)
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